Speed Darlington to Dump Music Career for Politics

    Nigeria Controversial Instagram rapper, Speed Darlington,  might be dumping music career to go into politics in 2023.

    Speed Darlighton to Dump Music Career for Politics
    Speed Darlington

    Speed Darlington who took to his Instagram page to share a video with caption indicating that he is interested in contesting for Nigeria presidency in 2023 promised to favour Christians and Muslim if he becomes president.

    The Hilarious rapper who recently arrived in Nigeria was seen in the Instagram video giving out food items in Abuja.


    The caption attached to the Instagram video reads:

    Vote for me end hunger PAP 2023, my government will favor Christians & Muslims alike ✌🏿this is me In Abuja feeding people 1 week after I came home. In the meantime grow your accounts for $70 a day times 10 days thousands of followers guarantee!

    Darlington also promised to eradicate hunger and Poverty if he emerges as president in 2023.


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