Small Doctor’s “Remember” is a Time Machine….A quick re-visit to our school days!


Last year, when “pon pon pon” music was Trending, reduced his tempo a little bit, poshed up, and tricked us, to accept “Penalty” into the mainstream. With that huge mainstream acceptance, blew up. He blew up so much he was in ranks with top artists like Olamide. People even pitched him against Olamide as to who the King of the streets is really.

These days, you’ll always be confused, when it comes to picking who’s really holding it down on the streets. Maybe it’s still Olamide, as of old. Or, the new Saintsamiganja master, Slimcase. Perhaps, it’s the “Legbegbe” singer, Mr. Real. But, then, what of Small Doctor?

Small Doctor's Remember is a Time Machine....A quick re-visit to our school days!

While he was blowing up rapidly, is, though, never for once, forgot the streets that made him. Even though he’s been inconsistent since he dropped “Penalty,” anytime he storms back, he’s always back with something that can keep the street-alive. And just every time, he goes deeper and deeper. “Penalty” helped him secure the earlier part of 2017, in the latter part, “This Year” got him covered. Now, he’s back with another one, “Remember.” Say he’s about to take the street, big time, and you won’t be far from the truth.

This new uptempo banger, tows the same path as “Back To Start,” one of the singles off Adekunle Gold’s just-released “About 30” LP. Just that, on this, adds that street effect to it. The beat is very groovy, heavy bass-lines and kicks, all credited to Shocker. “Omo aunty mi I’m not lazy,” he sings on the intro.

If you were born anytime before 2010, you should relate to this jam well. Will be better if it was in the 90’s. “My name my name, pamuregeji// my name is omo beta, pamuregeji.”

He then samples “Oh my home. When shall I see my home?…” on the pre-hook. Before delivering the catchy chorus; “Shey you remember, sir?//Abi kin ran e leti (should I remind you?)”

H-I-P for the HIP, P-O-P-O for the HIPPOPO, and T-A-M-U-S, for the HIPPOPOTAMUS. Small Doctor’s really mad! Then, a variation of “We are H-A-P-P-Y” that we do in those days; “Iya titi ti sebe.” I bet everybody sang this, those days! What about “Whereever you go?” Mehn!

Memories are the most pleasant things you can think of, and that’s the no. 1 reason “Remember” is a jam. With a lot of “evergreen” play-songs for school kids, there’s a possibility this jam has a long shelf life.

Bullshit for the dogs, got this one right!


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