Simi’s nightingale voice and flawless songwriting edges on point

    Simi’s amazing vocal and songwriting skill is a huge advantage and edge to her career.

    The genesis started out as a gospel singer back in 2008 with her debut album Ogaju.

    After six (6) years she released a single titled’Tiff‘ an addictive song that blew minds and sparks head, which marked her launch into mainstream prominence and automatically turning a household name.

    Simi's nightingale voice and flawless songwriting edge

    Also, the single was an absolutely delightful piece that was massively accepted immediately, journeying down the ultimate goal of stardom

    Simi‘s critically acclaimed second studio self-titled album Simisola smash records and won significant awards.

    Simi’s voice can be termed as one of the remarkable attributes to her career, Sweet and mellifluously; “her voice sounds like heaven flowing down to earth”, “her vocals makes one feel like floating in the air”

    Simi's nightingale voice and flawless songwriting edge

    On the one hand, the speculating sound gleaming similarities assumed through the vocal addictiveness, Simi‘s voice is very unique and will always trademark the natural vibe.

    I disagree with the monotonous sound claim by some least proportion, therefore it is just a critic assertion and when a musician gets complimented they really want to believe it, and if they don’t, they will take it as a great opportunity for them to learn that they could have done better and improved themselves.

    Simi's nightingale voice and flawless songwriting edge.

    Simi to me has been solidifying her spot on the top 10 Nigerian artistes conversations, extensively exploring and orchestrating  Afro-soul, Afro-pop, Afro R&B.

    However, taking a toll on the all-inclusive career package, she is also a sound engineer, ultimately soaked with a musical atmosphere.

    Most importantly, she is amazing and inspiration to a wider proportion, many young women look up to her, more especially the fact that surrounds her lifestyle.

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