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Simi Reveals What Marriage With Adekunle Gold Feels Like

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Popular singer; teases fans, talks about her marriage with fellow singer; .

Simi Reveals What Marriage With Adekunle Gold Feels Like
Simi & Adekunle Gold

Earlier this year, two music gods; Simi and Adekunle Gold, whose match was made in heaven got married.

Although they are not ones to publicize thair marriage life, many fans have been curious about what it’s like, for two musicians to get married, especially since they have been a fan-favorite couple for a long time.

Simi however jokingly revealed few things they did as a couple when a fan shared a hilarious post about them on twitter.

The twitter user identified as Elio said he imagined that they sang all over the house every day.

On seeing this tweet, Simi replied; 

“Ew. Why do ppl think this? Lol, All we do is watch Netflix, touch lips and laugh at people on twitter.”

So, all you nosy fans! y’all heard fro,m the horse’s mouth!. Even though I don’t know what she means by “Touch lips” (Lol)

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Still, we wish them a blissful and happy married life!!!

See the tweets below;

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