Simi reveals her favourite songs to perform live

    • Simi lists her top picks for live performances.

    • Simi shares her songs to perform live.

    Simi reveals her favourite songs to perform live
    Simi reveals her songs to perform live

    Nigerian singer, Simi has shared her songs she loves to perform live.

    The singer in tweet on the 23rd of June, 2022 stated that she loves to perform songs like “Angelina”, “Smile for Me”, “Ayo”, “Gone for Good”, “Complete”, and “Love for Me“.

    “My songs to perform live are Angelina and Smile for me. Oh Ayo too. And Owanbe. Gone for good is nice too. Oooh Complete me and Love for me. This tweet was bad idea.”

    fan stated that she loved when the singer also performs “” and “Love don’t care” at parties and the singer in response affirmed she also loves to perform the songs.

    In another tweet, Simi revealed that she was once asked to perform one of her song, “Gone for Good” at wedding and she was shocked by the request.

    Her reason was that the song was an appropriate tune for wedding as it was more of heartbreak song.

    “I remember when they asked me to perform “Gone For Good” at someone’s wedding. I really wanted to know if everybody at the venue was okay.”


    When asked if she will perform it, she said she did and that the Groom performed half of the song which made her ashamed.

    “Yes. Groom performed half of the song. I was sick with shame lmao”

    She also revealed that she finds it awkward when her song, “Woman” is also being played at a wedding.

    “Or when they play ‘Woman’ at weddings. It’s always so awkward. “Woman don suffer lowo everybody”

    …she’s nodding her head, smiling in her white dress. I just wanna go home.

    “Man e like woman…”

    fuck shit dj. Wyd?”

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