Simi explains why she speaks up for women

    Nigerian Singer, Simi has explained why she always speak out for women.

    Simi explains why she speaks up for women
    Simi explains why she speaks up for women

    This explanation came in response to male netizens who criticised Simi after her remark about women hyping themselves.

    The “Duduke” crooner was dragged by her male fans on Sunday after she said that women should promote themselves more. Simi emphasised in her post that just because a woman praises herself doesn’t mean she’s proud of herself.

    A follower barged into her DM shortly after her post to hurl abuses at her. He accused the singer of being a biased person who enjoys making women the victims.

    He claims Simi is experiencing marital problems and is using other women’s problems to vent.

    Simi responded to the outrage by taking to Instagram to explain why she’s been focusing on women’s concerns. According to her, she chose to be an advocate because women continue to suffer.

    She confessed that she is better than some women, but it doesn’t mean she won’t continue to fight for those who aren’t so fortunate.

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    She reminded her detractors that the government’s failure to respond to citizens’ complaints about inadequate governance is not a reason for citizens to stop fighting for what is right.

    Simi wrapped up by telling her critics that she will not give up her fight for women anytime soon, and that every man who feels insulted is guilty of degrading women.

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