Simi Decries The State of Nigeria’s System

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Simi Decries The State of Nigeria's SystemSinger, Simi is also not pleased with the way things are going in Nigeria.

It seems the artiste has decided to join her colleagues who have been very outspoken as regards the 2019 elections.Singer, Simi is also not pleased with the way things are going in Nigeria.

Recall that Davido and Wizkid have also been outspoken, dishing out advise to fans.

She took to a series of tweet to express her grievances:

“Nigeria is a fucking scary place to be. The worst part is a lot of crazy stuff happens because they KNOW there will be no consequences. It’s not rocket science. But how do we get from where we are to where we need to be?? + it’s not just the government, it’s us too.

“We’re just getting by. No confidence in this broken system. So we hope that today is good for us and that we see tomorrow. Rinse and repeat. Surviving, instead of actually living,” wrote.

The singer who just returned from her honeymoon with husband, Adekunle Gold and a single ‘Promise‘ to commemorate their union  is obviously not pleased.

Simi Decries The State of Nigeria's System

What baffles the ‘Ayo‘ singer is that the people have become the servants rather than the served as painted in political campaigns.

“We have people fighting for leadership positions only to serve themselves. Not us. They really couldn’t give less of a fuck about us. STILL we turn on each other to serve them. So absolutely, ridiculously stupid! We’re supposed to be on the same side.

“But it’s not enough for only a few people to think this way. Because why on earth should I fight if I know you won’t have my back. Why on earth would you fight if you think I won’t fight with you? So you see – the problem is us,” she writes.

Simi Decries The State of Nigeria's System

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