Simi and Adekunle Gold Songs That Can’t Be Underrated.

Simi and Adekunle Gold Songs That Can't Be Underrated. is a talented singer, bad-ass vocals, top-notch lyrics, and she’s even a dope producer. And, she’s got chemistry with ’em, boys. It’s hard to find any other female artist around who can flow on songs with guys like she does.

Back in the day, she became a star after her single “Tiff ” blew up, and she was considered for some top awards. But it wasn’t until “Jamb Question” before she was a phenomenon and sensation. The remix featured the bahd guy, who was starting to get the heat, at that time.

Simi and Adekunle Gold

They did have a smooth run after they again collaborated for ’s smash hit, “Soldier.” So much that they had to do “Chemistry: The EP.” You’d probably think they were dating. Maybe they were?

got a deal with ‘s , and although his style wasn’t what you would think of a typical Yahoo Boy No Laptop guy, he gained mainstream attention quickly. With hits like “Sade” and “Orente”, became a household name, and he flourished.

His 2016 LP, “Gold”, was also a commercial success, and his follow-ups have been amazing. But he’s not like your usual ‘baba for the girls.’ He was just a guy doing his thing, and at first, was probably just part of his creative process. She was the only one to feature on his album, a favor she gladly returned on her own album.

Earlier this year, they got married. And that’s that.

Adekunle Gold and Simi

Here is a list of their amazing collaborations that are smashed and can’t be underrated at all. Because they’re not just amazing, they’re hits. (Just in case you were starting to forget!)

No Forget

Off his 2016 debut, this track “No Forget” was the only collaboration on the LP, and it had Simi, who seemed to have worked behind the scenes on the album.

The alternative R&B track ended up becoming one of the best singles off the album, especially with the classy video.

About a boyfriend who goes hustling so he can be enough for his woman, the single was performed in Yoruba.

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By You

Simi’s album “Omo Charlie Champagne”, which was released earlier this year, had some good music on it (aka, No Bad Songs), and “By You” was (or is) one of them.

With the married, perhaps there is no better way for reassurance of their love for each other than to do some joint stuff, together.

The song has the perfect highlife vibe, like a ’90s stuff, and it’s a duet, as they both go back and forth, riding the song. If there’s a highlight on Simi’s album, this is it.


How long was it after they married before Adekunle released this hit? Weeks? Days? No wasting time, at all. “Promise me, you will grow old with me?” actually sounds like something a husband would ask his newly-wed wife. Right?

The jam which has a rather accelerated tempo has some highlife vibe, and some bass, too. Some assurance right there. And, a damn good wedding song!

Take Me Back

Guitar strings, some EDM pop beat, and strong vocals from Simi and Adekunle Gold. “Take Me Back” is a classic Adekunle style, not unlike Simi too anyway.

The way Simi was singing “Kunle, no leave me” is everything. A song that could easily get anyone emotional. The storyline is smooth, making the song perfect.

I suppose they weren’t playing some other people’s songs at their wedding? Because they’ve got some really cool stuff together. Sorry, Falz, you’re a rapper.

Uncle Suru

In 2017, came through with the remix to his track, “Uncle Suru”, and it had both Adekunle Gold and Simi. At that time, they’ve only appeared on “No Forget” together, plus, “Uncle Suru” wasn’t a love song or anything.

is a talented guy, yeah, but Adekunle’s electric verse and Simi’s bad-ass vocals on that track was also part of why it was a big hit.

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