Shatta Wale supports prophet who claims he is a “Spirit.”

    • Prophet describes Shatta Wale as a spirit

    • Ghanaian musician Shatta wale confirms that he is a spirit

    Shatta Wale supports prophet who claims he is a "Spirit."
    Shatta Wale supports prophet who claims he is a “Spirit.”

    Ghanaian reggae-dancehall artist Shatta Wale has released a clip of an interview in which a Ghanaian prophet claimed that the singer was a “spirit.”

    He shared the video on his social media page to confirm the claim made by the prophet.

    The prophet who is known as “The Lion of Africa” stated that Charles Nii Armah Mensah, also known as Shatta Wale, is not someone to mess with.

    He again cautioned prophets to stay away from him because he has a stronger spirit backing him.

    In an interview with ‘Efie Nsem Aye Hu,’ he urged Ghanaian prophets to focus on their church members who are in desperate need of prayers and prophecies rather than the Shatta Movement’s leader.

    He said:

    “If you are a prophet, don’t even waste your time in prophesying to Shatta Wale because he is already a spirit. Shatta Wale is a spirit, he knows what
    he is headed for. He knows his ending so there is no need for you prophesying to him because he has a spirit backing him.
    “Why waste your time on Shatta Wale whilst you can dedicate that time prophesying to one of your church members who might need it? God has
    already blessed him so there’s no need to request that people pray for him. He knows the principles and the keys,”

    Watch the video below:

    In Addition, The acclaimed dancehall musician explained that he gave up his freedom by faking the attack in order to fight against fake prophets in Ghana who only prophesies doom for superstars.

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