Seun Kuti continues to slam those disrespecting his father, fFela Kuti

    Nigerian Singer, Seun Kuti isn’t over dragging those who he feels are disrespecting his Father, Fela Kuti, because of their faves.

    Seun Kuti continues to slam those disrespecting his father, fela Kuti
    Seun Kuti continues to slam those disrespecting his father, Fela Kuti

    Seun Kuti had taken to his Instagram to post a picture of himself and in the caption, didn’t hesitate to slam those he feels are disregarding Fela Kuti’s legacy.

    In the caption, he said that people telling him to stop defending his father’s legacy are the same set of people who won’t hesitate to defend their fathers even if he is useless.

    He accused them of hailing Nigerian Artists and calling them the new Fela but when it longer suited them, they disrespect Fela’s name.

    Tagging them as Buhari’s children, He stated that it was sad to see them continue in their parents’ footsteps in insulting Fela’s name.

    “People Wey their father never knot bolt before, dem go fight u if u yab the useless man go come tell me say make I keep quiet when dem dey drag my NORTH STAR everytime say make I keep quiet.

    If una no wan dey chop the swear go make una sef go try someone else not FELA. When una dey call every body ‘NEW FELA’ to gain traction, una quiet, now na FELA be una toothpick?

    Una parents don abuse am till e die, now he is dead una sef dey continue? What’s up gan gan ! BUHARIS CHILDREN WHATS UP ?”

    Recall, that Mp3bullet.ng reported that Seun Kuti dragged people for comparing his father to any artist, stating that it was disrespectful.

    In the post, the Singer and activist said one can not be greater than that which one takes or steals from.

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