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    People often have itunes gift card, probably purchased online or issued as a gift from friends. But as we all know Nigerians are not so leaned towards making purchases on iTunes store so they mostly prefer to sell it off for cash.

    Right here, you will get the best recommendation when it comes to selling itunes gift card online in Nigeria.


    Best Site To Sell iTunes Card

    Due to the fly-by-night nature of itunes gift card business in Nigeria, it is somewhat difficult to decide the best platform to trade iTunes for cash. Well, let’s save you the worries, you can sell your iTunes for naira on Cardnosh.


    What? What About Cardnosh?

    Relax, you have probably never heard of that name. Here is a brief about Cardnosh:

    Cardnosh, a registered business in Nigeria with registration number 2777339, is one of the best sites to exchange itunes card for cash in Nigeria. They have been in existence for a while now offering amazing trading experience to their customers.

    They buy gift cards at amazing rates, be it Physical Card, Ecode, big Denomination Card, card with receipt, cards without receipt e.t.c Above all, they make payment in Naira within 5minutes.

    Cool right?


    Okay… How Can I Exchange iTunes Card For Naira?

    Trading on Cardnosh is very easy. You can proceed to their website Cardnosh.com or contact them on Whatsapp at +2348125349466 (Click Here).

    You can either trade using the user dashboard or on Whatsapp. The Whatsapp option has been provided for those who prefer a more interactive trading method.

    Trading typically takes less than 5 minutes and payment is instant.


    How Much Is iTunes Gift Card Rate On Cardnosh?

    As expected, iTunes gift card rates are not constant. Rates vary from time to time and it is influenced by a lot of factors.

    However, on average, a $100 itunes gift card can be sold on Cardnosh within the range 24,000 to 29,000 naira.

    You will request for current rate when you want to trade with them.


    Cardnosh iTunes Card Trade Terms and Conditions

    1. If your card is physical, snap it and make sure the picture is clear enough. If the picture is not clear, you are required to send the code.
    2. If your card is ecode, you will have to send only the correct code.
    3. Receipts are not required.
    4. Do not send already redeemed card.
    5. Always send correct bank details.
    6. Do not upload a card more than once.


    What Other Gift Card Can I Sell On Cardnosh?

    Not just iTunes, you can sell just any gift card on Cardnosh. Some of which include: Amazon, steam, target, google play, sephora, ebay, Netflix, walmart and just any other gift card.


    Ready To Get Started, Contact Cardnosh Today!

    Website: Cardnosh.com

    Whatsapp: +2348125349466

    Call:  +2348125349466

    For Telegram Updates [CLICK HERE] 

    For Whatsapp Updates [CLICK HERE].

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