Sauti Sol: Who is who among the Kenyan afro-pop band?

    Sauti Sol is the name for a Kenyan band where ‘Sauti‘ is a Swahili word meaning Voice(s) and Sol is a Spanish word that means sun. In that context, you could call them “voices of the sun”. Unless you are allergic to good music, it’s impossible to hate Sauti Sol.

    Sauti Sol: Who is who among the Kenyan afro-pop band?
    Sauti Sol: Who is who among the Kenyan afro-pop band?

    This Kenyan band from Nairobi has exceptional singers who are very smart by the way (they all have undergraduate degrees) that have been on everyone’s lips and head for the past decade.

    Like most bands, west life from Ireland, one direction from England, and BTS from south Korea, everyone especially International fans are always curious to know who is who.

    Telling people apart might be tricky but not to worry; today I got all of you covered. We are going to name each and everyone and describe them so that you get to know them better individually. No matter how clueless you are of this majestic band I’m sure you’ve never failed to hear their masterpiece song “Short and Sweet” from somewhere.

    Meet Bien-Aimé Baraza

    He is the easiest to be distinguished from all the band members. Being the group’s vocalist and lead singer, you can easily notice him in the verses and choruses of many Sauti Sol songs. His exceptional tall height (six feet and some good inches) and his baldness set him apart from the rest of the members.

    Bien-Aimé Baraza
    Bien-Aimé Baraza

    His song featuring a pianist Aaron Rimbui; “bald men love better” couldn’t explain things better. Now a man like that couldn’t possibly be single. He’s happy in an open marriage with his wife who is a professional dancer called Chiki. You read me right! Open marriage.

    Africa being Africa there was a lot of talk on their relationship but they haven’t disclosed any more information regarding the matter. If it’s true I guess not all hope is lost, there might be a chance for some ladies.

    Know about Willis Austin Chimano

    In addition to being a vocalist and saxophonist. If you’ve listened to songs from the band you’ll notice his voice bass is quite unique from others. He’s easily striking due to his impeccable fashion sense.

    Willis Austin Chimano
    Willis Austin Chimano

    Also, he has pretty piercings on his eyebrows nose, and ears. Although he has confessed to being socially awkward in many interviews; you possibly can’t see that from his laugh. Marvel should snatch him for a villain role due to that evil laugh.

    His heavenly voice can be heard in his acoustic ‘feel my love’, his bass being from another level. He received a lot of hate from some of his fans after there were allegations of him being gay.

    He never confirmed this but never denied it either. There was a roar on social media after the Sauti sol posted the picture last year and Chimano was with a Caucasian male beside him. Chimano however is currently single.

    Ever heard of Delvin Mudigi (Savara)?

    The drummer boy. Being able to sing while playing instruments, that’s my definition of talent. Don’t get me started on his phenomenal voice. He has well-groomed locks that he normally holds into a puff. He’s humorous and keeps throwing banters at his fellows.

    Delvin Mudigi (Savara)
    Delvin Mudigi (Savara)

    He has revealed in multiple interviews that he was always a difficult child and even got into fights multiple times although he’s past that, and a better boy now. I believe him.

    Who wouldn’t believe that bass guitarist, producer with so much talent and potential? Currently, the artist is dating Yvonne Endo and they seem pretty happy.

    Polycarp Otieno (Fancy fingers)

    This is the group guitarist and composer. He has spectacles mostly but you can tell him apart from Bien because he isn’t as tall and possesses these flawless beards.

    Polycarp Otieno (Fancy fingers)
    Polycarp Otieno (Fancy fingers)

    His love for his guitar or Cecilia as he calls her has been for a very long time ever since he’s was a boy. He workouts often making his body in a frame that is desirable for most men his age.

    Fancy Fingers is married to a Burundian queen called Mandy and they look quite inseparable. He’s the least famous than other members probably because he rarely sings but his talent in playing the guitar cannot be ignored in most songs good example being “Susanna”.

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