Runtown vs Kizz Daniel: who has more hits songs

Battle of the hits with Vs Kizz Daniel, who Has Your Votes?

Kizz Daniel and have done so well in the industry but currently, Kizz still enjoying a successful year with a world tour in full swing and undoubtedly one of the biggest hits rocking major cities.

As the first artist to reach 300 million cumulative plays on Boomplay, the Buga crooner sets a new standard for musical achievement and is currently the most streamed musician on the service.

It’s amusing how quickly most of us forget or denigrate an artist who has in the past produced excellent work for the Nigerian music business.

Runtown vs Kizz Daniel: who has more hits songs
vs Kizz Daniel: who has more hits songs

However, since their passion for excellent music will never end, entertainment enthusiasts all live by the motto “go hard or go home.” you don’t play the kind of music people want, you’re out.

Although these two musicians perform in distinct musical genres, they nonetheless perform the same Afro hip hop song.

We are not prepared to debate vs. Kizz daniel in a battle of hits.

Recalling how dominated the Nigerian music scene while he was its king at the time, I came to the realization that Kizz Daniel has more songs than many of the current top performers.

Although Kizz daniel has managed to hold onto his status as one of the best and most reliable artists now releasing singles one after the other while also preserving his top maker contentious anthem feel.

These two artists, however, have produced incredibly superior and uplifting music and have dominated the field when given the chance, but one of them has more songs than the other.

These are Runtown’s recent songs

  • Body Riddim
  • Kini Issue
  • 21 Questions
  • Blessing
  • Elshadai Song
  • On God
  • Inside
  • Lagos Confidential
  • Murder In The City
  • Propaganda
  • Satisfy
  • War

These are Kizz Daniel’s recent songs

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