Ruggedman and fan clash over the cause of Dagrin’s death

    Ruggedman and a fan on Twitter have clashed over the cause of Dagrin’s death.

    Ruggedman and Dagrin

    Yesterday made it ten years since indigenous rapper, Dagrin died. Celebrities and fans took to social media platforms celebrate the late rapper and Ruggedman was one of them.

    Ruggedman wrote an eulogy to the rapper saying he was honoured to be one of those who witnessed and made use of his great talent.

    A fan replying to the tweet wrote,

    “There’s something bout dagrin u guys are not telling us and I believe u know de cause of his death @RuggedyBaba Why did his fame only lasted for just one year?”

    Ruggedman who take well to the tweet and the implied allegations replied back with,

    Don’t let social media freedom make you feel it’s ok to speak like a retarded retard.

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