Ruger vs Bnxn (Buju): Who’s a better musician?

This is Ruger Vs Bnxn (Buju), on who’s a better musician? in general, brands, hits, and so on.

Based on the shot Ruger fired at BNXN in response to a remark from a Twitter user who suggested that Buju was a better singer than him.

Let’s discuss who is the best in every aspect, lyrics, hits, and general branding.

Ruger purposefully combined many genres, such as Afro-swing and Reggae-fusion with the sideline, into one work of art.

Synthetic drums are also used in trap soul fusion, which is distinguished by intricate hi-hat patterns and tuned kick drums.

On the 18th of January,2021, D’Prince unveiled his new Afrobeat second artiste in two years. His name is Ruger.

he also has the type of voice I termed as vocal-gasm, addictive and near-perfect euphony that shows dexterity and stay-put

Ruger is the second artist on the label after Rema who was introduced in March 2019, now, some may what will become of him in the industry considering its very competitive state.

Take a look at his unveiling track “One Shirt“, feat. his boss D’Prince and label mate Rema, you would agree with me that his unique chorus is a stand-out.

While others displayed their artistic prowess, you would agree with the fact that no one outshined anyone

Equally important, his latest debut EP ‘Pandemic’ is a show of his pure talent and how clear he is, his overall charisma, delivery, and choice of mature sounds defined his career in the industry.

Below are some Buju collaborations;

Basketmouth —

This is easily one of the most underrated songs from 2021. Basketmouth’s “” had Buju doing what he does best; singing addictive melodies.

” is classic Buju. If you ever what Buju is really about, or what his sound really is, then “Your Body” is what to listen to. The kind of song you put on repeat; it’s got all the good things in all of the right places.

Ladipoe —

It’s a no-brainer that this is on the list. Buju made a rap song cool, he made rap cool again, he made people wanna rap.

Mostly when we talk about “,” we give all the credit to Poe who did what most rappers wouldn’t dare do, but the truth is it was Buju that made the song come together. Without Buju, there would be no “.”

WizKid — Mood

WizKid’s idea for a “Made in Lagos” deluxe worked out. Many people didn’t think it would, but it did. And, the consequence of that is a hit song with Buju.

That combination, without even listening to the song, is a one. They came through, though, and “Mood” was everything you could’ve imagined it would be.

Timaya — Cold Outside

I think we gotta give it to Timaya though. The man’s got away. Somehow he just managed to pop out of nowhere and do a hit.

But after all, was and done, “Cold Outside” was all Buju. I can imagine the song without Timaya. But without Buju, well that’s something no one wants to hear.

Savage — Confident

Incidentally one of the lesser-known Buju songs, this is a perfect example of Buju taking over someone else’s song.

Buju was overconfident on this one and he wasn’t shy about it at all. He didn’t outshine Savage, he murdered him.

Zlatan — Alubarika

Maybe it’s to return Zlatan’s favour for putting him on all those years ago or it was purely an A&R decision, the one that is apparent is that Zlatan needed “Alubarika” badly.

His “Resan was undoubtedly a critical success and it’s all thanks to contributions like that of Buju’s that made it even possible.

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