Rudeboy, Mr P: Who’s doing better, these days?

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The days of on and off fights and split are far behind the sensational duo. It’s finally over, and that means P Square is officially defunct. No one is expecting a comeback, anytime soon or maybe ever?

Rudeboy, Mr P: Who's doing better, these days?Split into solo artists now, (Peter Okoye) and (Paul) are actually for the first time since the messy fights and unfortunate split, showing signs of being stars again. This time, as very different solo guys doing their thing.

For one, it wasn’t like before the final split they were anything like their heydays, days of “Double Trouble” or “Game Over”, or the days when they were the best international acts, in Africa. Not really, all they had were a couple of jams (Bank Alert”, “Nobody Ugly) and their past glory.

In case you weren’t listening, the days of them being a duo, don’t seem like it’s ever coming back, so while they still have that past glory, who wants a P without a Square? But if they could still pull off a number of hits (which they’re already doing), maybe there’s still a chance they could keep their relevance. They may even win Best New Acts, or Most Promising award, someday. Haha.

With their newfound solo status, however, comes many other things. And their favorite punctuation these days is the question mark. Like, are P Square better off separately? Are they still as good as before? Is Rudeboy’s new song a hit? Does Mr. P need Niniola to make a hit? Too many questions.

mr. p

Not forgetting the golden one. Which of them is doing better now?

They’re brothers, twin brothers, they were part of a super duo that was hot for many years. They’ve done albums, singles, videos, shows, everything together. So they probably shouldn’t be competitors? Yeah.

Funny thing is, the reason they shouldn’t be pitched together, is the same reason they are being juxtaposed. They had everything in common, back in the day, but now that they are dropping different records, isn’t it just normal that we notice if one is outdoing the other?

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Paul and Peter are equally talented artists, and while they still kinda have a different vibe, their voice is the same. They’ve worked together for years, so they probably have the same lyrical prowess, such that Paul’s lyrics are like Peter’s, and vice versa. So it’s not a question of talent, because that would be very dumb.

The thing is, who’s getting the most attention, and why? At the moment, the answer is most likely Rudeboy.

Both of them have managed to outdo their last year performance with just a few singles, this year. And that’s very impressive, given that many top artists have not been able to crack a hit this year.

But amidst all that frenzy, Rudeboy was able to create a fire hit, “Reason With Me”, which has since changed his status. He’s officially one of the hitmakers of 2019, a list won’t make, at the moment.


Reason With Me broke through the airwaves, probably because it’s a hustle story and it has that serious P Square vibe. You know, the kind of P Square that isn’t singing love songs? Rudeboy somehow cracked the code to make it a hit, all by himself. We should all give him some props.

Mr P, on the other hand, has also made his impressions, and he didn’t just make impressions, it’s impressive so far. Maybe not as monumental as his brother’s “Reason With Me”, but “One More Night” is definitely something great. The fact that he had Niniola on it even made the impression better, because it meant the big guy is paying attention to the industry.

We’ll probably wait until they start unleashing solo albums before we make a concluding judgment, but they’re on to something, with their performance so far. For the meantime though, let’s stick with Rudeboy. He’s doing quite better.

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