Ric Hassani trying to Balance the duality on ‘The Prince I Became’  Album

    Ric Hassani presumably targeted to carry along a particular audience as prior to the usual relatably set, diffusing the alternative to the lowest point of connection, a grasp to the street credibility, as he Balances the duality on ‘The Prince I Became’  Album

    Ric Hassani trying to Balance the duality on 'The Prince I Became'  Album
    Ric Hassani trying to Balance the duality on ‘The Prince I Became’  Album

    And more than anything, it finally confirms Ric Hassani‘s transition from a with emotional depth, to a bad boy with physical retribution, especially in “Thunder Fire You

    The Album is a combination of Love, divinity and  motivation, featuring guest artists like American Nicky Jam, Zambian duo Fumbani Changaya, Kenyan afro-pop band Sauti Sol, Ghanaian Kuami Eugene, Nigeria-British Calledout Music, and Nigerian Zoro & Frank Edwards

    From the intro, body conversation, you’re my baby, kind of woman’ to the outro, all solid with a great message and vocal delivery, there is single bad song.

    Track 5 -“Thunder Fire You” is a regular word familiarize on the street, It’s a polarising record to reflects on competing duality.

    critically, When I played the record for the first time, I didn’t like it. I just nodded to myself, But the more I listened, the more it became clearer how genius the record is, It’s a song about vibrating emotions and in-depth heartbreaking experiences. The beat is heavy, the melody is winding. It really works and its evidence of a good song, it takes a while to assimilate.

    ‘Thunder fire you
    For all the lies you told me
    Thunder fire you
    For when you cheated on me
    Thunder fire you
    You never did deserve me
    E go better for you
    So thunder fire you and your friends’alternative

    Track 17Korede practically hits differently when you get to the interlude of Ric’s biological father, Each time it gets to his voice, it gets deep emotionally, the talking drums infused on the beats created a sensational Combination of oldies and modern genre to make a classic.

    One of the best outro I’ve heard for a while now and I’m not exaggerating.

    Ori mi bami se o
    Ki n korede le o
    Eda mi bamise o
    Saanu mi 


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