Revisiting Rema’s 2019 game changing Self Titled, ‘Rema EP’

    In March of 2019, Jonzing World and Mavin Records announced their latest signee, Rema, who D’Prince had found on Instagram thanks to Rema’s cover of his “Gucci Gang” song a year before.

    Revisiting Rema's 2019 game changing Self Titled, 'Rema EP'
    Revisiting Rema’s 2019 game changing Self Titled, ‘Rema EP’

    It wasn’t too long when Rema dropped the first single, “Iron Man” off his self-titled debut EP which is a romantic ballad song that made it to Barack & Michelle Obama’s 2019 Summer Playlist.

    “Iron Man”, is the opening track on Rema EP, which builds on the melodies from Hindi film scores to deliver a romantic love ballad.

    The next track, “Why”, takes a deviation into trap territories, infused with elements of emo/cloud music

    embracing the hip-hop subgenre’s ability to find the uneasy middle ground between dire circumstance and party boy antics.

    Rapping “You Ain’t Got No Cash / You Look So So Razz/ I Am Not Your Type/ Damn I Almost Cried”, his heartbreaking story is one of the highlights of EP.

    The song showed how versatile Rema could be, something which was rare to see which new school artists.

    The most popular song off the EP, “Dumebi” is about a girl who he fell in love with but had his heart broken by her. The song was basically a simple but catchy pop tune that quickly shot him to prominence.

    What Dumebi lacks in lyrics, it makes up with vibes and melodies. It was produced by Ozedikus.

    The EP closes off with “Corny” which is also produced by Ozedikus. The Pop song is perfectly balanced for romantic interest and a dancefloor.

    In the song, he simply asks his love interest not to play games with him. ‘Corny’ is slang for ‘cunning’. While the song falls short of the same power ‘Why’ and ‘Dumebi’ carries, its not an entirely bad song.

    Rema EP was the youngster first official offering to the music scene and it did the job of attracting him the needed attention.

    Iron Man” was listed on Barack and Michelle Obama Summer Playlist of 2019. ‘Dumebi‘ secured different remixes from Major Lazer, Matoma and Becky G.

    The most streamed song off the EP on youtube is Dumebi leading with more than 31,0000 views.

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