Reminisce tries the Niniola style, did it work?

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Both and are big stars that don’t need any introduction, in this industry. , is a frontliner and even a pioneer of the indigenous hip-hop movement, while Nini who’s been consistent for a couple years now is the Queen of Afro House.

But you wouldn’t be putting a Reminisce ft. on your wish list, in hundred years. Probably it didn’t look like the perfect combination. That assertion however will need to be corrected after listening to “Jensimi.” You’ll even want them to collaborate often.

Reminisce Jensimi Oja Daddy

And that’s because this isn’t just a song where Alaga is doing his thing and he enlists a top female singer to add spice. No, not really. This is a real collaboration. In fact, the beat is a perfect Nini type instrumental, and the vibe is a product of symphony (yeah, whatever that means.)

On “Jensimi”, Reminisce shows he can do more than just grab a trap beat and rap with his bassy voice that he’s king or take an Afro beat and sing some stuff. He can make cool music, have fun and fill in for a singer.

His usual “ha ha” chuckles were intact and his bass voice rapping a few bars in between sultry vocals from Nini is everything you want on a jam, right now.

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It’s not the usual, he didn’t rap more than eight bars in a stretch, on the track. Maybe repetition isn’t his thing, well he did repeat some stuff on here, even though the jam is a short one (which jam isn’t, these days, anyway?)

“Jensimi” may be have been born out of a dire need of a hit single. Reminisce who has been known for his consistency, sure does know what to do to make his stuff a hit. 2019 is in no way like last year, even for the big dawg himself. By the half of 2018, he already had Problem and “Ajigijaga,” very big problems disturbing the street and waves.

Reminisce tries the Niniola style, did it work?.....

This year though, he only got “Oja” which was released in March, produced by . Not really a big one, and his first offering of the year. He probably needed to get back in the game, with a real hit, a hit that can disturb the streets. He played the Niniola card, and his bet has paid off, so far. “Jensimi” is atop everyone’s playlist, now. Partly because we just can’t have enough of Alaga, and partly because everyone likes Niniola. Everyone.

Reminisce tries the Niniola style, did it work?

It’s hard to ignore a jam like this. Whether it’s the playful bars Reminisce was dropping on it, or the mind-blowing vocals of Nini, something had to hook you on. “Gba jensimi, gba jensimi… ” 

Meanwhile, You can’t ignore Reminisce songs, even Niniola Songs

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