Rema’s a trap star on “Freestyle” EP.

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Album: Freestyle (EP)
Duration: 9min
Label: Mavin Records

Rema's a trap star on “Freestyle” EP.Rema has already hit the ground running, with his previous singles, and not to forget his Instagram is lit. With dope photo-shoots and freestyles. Speaking of freestyles, many people like his freestyles better than say “Iron Man”. Because most of his freestyles are Trap stuff, where he’s just vibing like .

Tjay is far, but those stuff has also got him comparison. At least sounding like doesn’t mean you gotta be afro all the time. And that may just be another reason he’ll hit it big.

So, he released an EP, a compilation of your  “favorite freestyles.” There’s a chance you’ve heard him do one of those in a freestyle, before. But there’s also a very good chance what you’ll be hearing is a whole new vibe. American new school hip-hop vibe. Cards played well, Rema may be the new face of trap music. Even though, he’s not a rapper. But really, who cares?

American Love” is, like all the others, a trap track, and he was really sounding like Nasty C on it.

Boulevard has got a soul vibe, and a perfect song for heartbroken teenagers. “Bad girl say she don’t like, she won’t text me.” It’s surreal though.

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Spiderman” is a lyrical stuff, but as all trap songs, the lyrics is being overshadowed by the vibe on it. You imagine if it has a video, it will be some kid with lean, high already just doing some silly moves. Right?

Trap Out The Submarine” is definitely the highlight of the EP, as he traps his way into the song. He actually did talk about some people tryna murder him. Classic XXXTentacion tune, there was even a distant background sound at the end. The realest one on the EP he mentions the government, some bitches, some niggas and he leaves a final note for everyone “better believe in me, I’m a prophesy.”

Rema may have to pay his dues to get to the top, or be rated alongside Wizkid, Nasty or even Lil Tjay (who’s not African, by the way.)  But with this, he definitely is off to a great start. Maybe they are just ordinary normal freestyles, yeah, but they’re also a prove of what is to come.

He might just be s biggest bet yet. Because what do we need right now, if not a teenage singer with a hip-hop vibe that sounds like an American? Well, you tell me.

Rating: 4/5 (Très Bon!)

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