Rema, Fireboy DML: Is sound-alike the new Trend?

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Music is about sounds, how good the artist is with sounds, how he can tweak his voice to make melodious sounds. Usually we can’t really control how we sound, in reality. But what of in the booth, can another artist intentionally try to sound like some other artist? The short answer, yes.

Rema, Fireboy Is sound-alike the new Trend

The long one? Be my guest.

Maybe it is influence or just coincidence, but arts just tend to be copies of other arts that came before it. And that includes musical pieces, too. What makes it unique though, is how broad influences can be. will definitely cite Fela as a big inspiration to his music, but he doesn’t really even sound like Fela.

That’s primarily because his art has been influenced by other people other than the afrobeat legend. Including , who mentored him for years. So, all those influences, with a few there, a few there, makes him have a unique sound.

In 2014, thereabout, I heard of a guy named , for the first time. He sounded exactly like 2baba, you’d probably think they’re related. Not that it mattered, but he was bald, too, I guess. Kennis signed him, a rational thought was, as a replacement to 2baba, who had left the label.

That scenario, like many others in the past turned out to be an interesting coincidence. Or so we were made to believe.

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But, in recent times, it seems kind of a good thing to have the same style as a celebrity, cause it almost certainly means you’re one step ahead of others trying to achieve success, in this over-crowded industry. Everybody can sing about girls, but not all can re-work their lyrics and voice to sound like Wizkid. So, it’s definitely a selling point.

Rema, a new kid on the block is getting all of the rave (a little troll, too) because his music makes him sound like he intentionally wants to sound like the pop star, Wizkid. Picking words only Wiz would use, and singing inaudibly, would definitely make us think you want to sound like the Starboy. Let’s say, it has paid off for him.

What about Fireboy DML? He had quite a number of songs, on the YBNL Mafia album. Some were pop elements, some were just dancehall, but “I’ll Be Fine” quickly became ultra-visible. Why? Fans thought he reminded them of what would do. Right. There were so many people who would do inspirational stuffs, in this industry, but Adekunle had a unique pattern. The same pattern fans now saw in Fireboy DML. Again, it was like wanted to brew a new and latest and more trendy version of the “Ire” singer.

too, at first got all those comparisons. People think it’s ridiculous because Mayorkun will always be a bigger act than the kid, but it is not ridiculous. He did sound like Mayorkun.

Are you starting to think perhaps it’s not just coincidence, after all? Maybe it’s really for clout. I don’t blame them, or anybody. Trend or no trend, the question remains, who wants another version of their favourite artist, who is actually just on vacation and is still coming back hotter ?

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