“Red Eye EP Review”: Victor AD isn’t a one-hit wonder, after all.

    Victor AD didn’t just become a superstar because he’s talented. Maybe that also constitutes the end result, but the guy’s music is mature. In an industry full of kids trying to make hits by any means, he paved his way by being a bit more serious, spawning a viral hit and a trend. The trend that became the path on which he walked into stardom.

    Wetin We Gain ( or maybe it’s I or You?) captures what it means to have good music and understand the streets. Pure street sense without the BS! That’s what got Victor AD off the streets, onto all of our playlists and our Radios, and TV. Doesn’t matter whether you think the idea of a guy like Erigga who’s a singer is cool, the fact that his music is loaded is undeniable.

    After the “Wetin You Gain” smash hit, it was taking him too long to get a solid follow-up (or any follow up at all). Victor’s name could be used in lieu of the “one-hit wonder” tag, at the time. Then the names of people whose follow up efforts never matched their first hits would come up, alongside Victor.

    Victor AD RED EYE EP ReviewOn paper, he was just another guy. In reality, the Red Eye Musik singer had bigger things coming up. And when it finally did, the “Tire You”  single with Davido broke his records, giving him his second big one. Then, “Emoji” and really, he’s been on quite a number of huge tracks, since Erigga first put him on “Motivation”, last year.

    A body of work, at this time, isn’t such a bad idea. Seven tracks, he gets to put new music out, we get to feel him and also evaluate his abilities. In the process, he could make the next big hit. Win-win!

    So, what’s in stock on the “Red Eye” EP? Well, I guess, we’re just supposed to find out. Right? First, you should know, there are no old songs. He’s not really got that many songs, actually. So it’s just a new thing.


    It starts with the spiritual “Left Pocket”, produced by TSpize and it’s got the ‘red eye’ vibe like the nigga got a lot of haters, already. “Point to a one-hit-wonder that has come this far? ”  Fair enough.

    How good is Victor when he’s not on that motivational stuff? Well, “Vanessa”, let’s see. Not bad. An average mainstream inclined guy might have done better, but he still manages to make it feel like alternative music for the streets.

    Kowo Wole” is a fast tempo one, and he’s talking God, once again. The song would have been a perfect Davido collabo, maybe if the year was 2014. The chorus is lit and the beat contagious too. A Yoruba guy would have gone on to shout out Jagaban and Shina Peller, anyway.

    “Fact” which has a more afro-highlife vibe, is a love song. A Delta boy’s “Nobody Fine Pass You.” Hit potential, that is. “Doh” which is more like what he’s done in the past is average, the album would have survived without it, but definitely not better.

    Red Eye”, the title track is a banger. The Saxophone sounds at the beginning and the dancehall all make it sounds like Burna Boy is about to enter. Not a coincidence it was produced by Kel P.

    Unnecessary interlude, maybe. His lyrics were top-notch, even as the song progresses as boring. Could farewell on your playlist, but on the dance floor, not sure. And isn’t that kind of the point?


    “Who dey take cocaine suppose respect the dealer?” Victor is agbero with the love on this one. “Kpokpo Didi” is probably some Warri slang we’ve never heard of. It doesn’t sound like it’s going to stick, but it helps cement Victor’s projected versatility.

    With these songs, Victor AD is officially on the market and doesn’t seem likely he’s going anywhere. Except for the fact that he talks like he has as many haters as fans, everything is cool. And it’s even more insane because everyone likes this guy!

    Rating: 3.5/5 (Hot!)

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