Phy: The most underrated Kenyan artist.

    Get familiar with Mwihaki Ng’etich known as Phy, the most underrated Kenyan artist.

    Phy: The most underrated Kenyan artist.
    Phy: The most underrated Kenyan artist.

    Every era has its icon, just as there was Moses during the exodus, there is Phy in Kenyan music.

    I agree, there has been music evolution music for decades a little taste and style that has changed according to market preference. But good music is still good music and it pains me when it is often ignored and not appreciated as it should be.

    Underrated seems kind to what these Kenyan artists are going through. In the Kenyan entertainment industry, it’s no different. In times like this, I always question if it’s the management or the fans that are failing the artist. Either way, this Phy deserves so much than what we are delivering as a country.

    Know Mwihaki Ng’etich famous as Phy

    Famous in African attire look, you might have spotted this modern queen who loves her heritage dressed in African wear (Kitenge, turbans, and cultural jewelry’s in most of her covers.

    Phy Kenya

    Music is a very competitive industry everyone’s constantly looking for something different, a unique feature you can’t find in anyone else apart from your singing talent. Phy already has hers.

    Phy started getting people’s attention when she was the second winner in airtel trace and become even more famous when she won Maisha superstar.

    Nameless always claimed that only nameless can sing, nameless that was until Phy nailed his song “Nasinzia” and he couldn’t be more wrong.

    Her music journey

    Unlike other toddlers who were eating sand and snot by then, Phy became aware of her singing talent when she was as young as three years old.

    Her teacher Mr. Frank heard her sing and told her that she has a great voice. We need more teachers like him. If it was in the US she would have been exposed to singing shows like ‘Americas got talent‘ or ‘The voice’ but this is Africa, you have to work extra hard here.

    She later started learning to play the guitar and finally, Sauti music academy and youtube academy saw her talent.

    As Kenyans, I think I speak for everyone when I say we miss the flavor of good R&B music like the likes of Marry J Blidge, Brandy, and Kelly Rowland. Phy quenched our thirst five years ago with her song “Taboo (taabu)”.

    If you love good music this is your jam. It has countless covers (that’s when you know you are good).

    According to her, she had an unexpected reaction to the song as she had just written it as an assignment in music class. A great composer we have to hear Kenyans.

    Her singing is a combination of afro-pop with R&B and HIP HOP; this made her release an extended playlist called philosophy and later released an album called biography in 2018.

    She had also attained fame by being in a music film called mission on earth by Nyando and this propelled her to be among the speakers of the UN, We are proud of you Phy.

    Then what’s wrong?

    With that exceptional talent of hers, we expected Phy to be on levels where she received lots of international awards or doing collaborations with lots of other famous artists because most of her songs deserve it.

    The song “Ruka“ where she featured king kaka and Khaligraph Jones gives everything. The singing skill, playing the guitar, and composing are totally underrated music management or is it the fan base failing her.

    There is something broken in the entertainment industry that we urgently need to fix.
    I know someday things will turn around and this beautiful talented lady will get the credit she deserves.

    If you were lucky enough to attend any of her live performances, literal goosebumps popped out of your skin. Listen to her song ‘Siwezani’ and enjoy the pure Kenyan talent.

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