Pheelz was very Intentional on ‘Hear Me Out’ EP [Critical EP Review]

Pheelz was very intentional on ‘Hear Me Out’ EP, from the title of the project to the beat and effort invested in the project, was amazingly creative, I must commend, the title highlighted the message and the direction, no filler tracks, enhanced songwriting, and perfect productions, every single track was all deserving to represent the narrative.

A debut project by renowned music producer for over a decade,  “Pheelz Mr producer Aaah” in ‘s voice, or “Ridimakulayo” as his beats production tag suggests, now delivering a well balanced, articulated, and well written 5 tracks EP,  hence this question, ‘was Pheelz very intentional on ‘Hear Me Out’ EP? Or was he just trying to find a new place as a singer?  Let me break it down.

At first listen,  I stared in open-mouthed curiosity and paused to reminisce about his career as a producer and how he’s responsible for producing over 50 hit songs in the industry (not exaggerating), then my excitement drops down like I’m not surprised, but I still thought about some producers that wanted to do it and didn’t get it right, then my excitement went up again.‘Hear-Me-Out-EP-Critical-EP-Review.jpg
Pheelz was very Intentional on ‘Hear Me Out’ EP [Critical EP Review]

Pheelz intentionally wants to express himself and show the world he’s not just a producer but a singer also, no features, not even a single artist from YBNL, perhaps to avoid derivative misconceptions, came straight like he’s been here singing for a decade, perfect like an OG, mature lyricism, smooth flows, choice of beats and general composition, however, every track on the project were singlehandedly written, produced and performed by him.

Hear Me Out’ EP Tracks Overview

Track 1. Wayward Girl (Intro)

Wayward Girl is a beautiful storytelling vibe, probably the best song off the EP, a very smooth, slow tempo and relaxed feel-good music or should I say Wizkid‘s kind of vibe? Yes! There is sync between instrumentals and the vocals, the backup delivery was professionally performed.

[Verse 1]
say ’s on her hoe phase oo 
say wanna whine on the man them
With her low waist oo, Eh Eh
And you gatto put your money where your mouth is
Baby no get time for no okoto,
Eh Eh
say her pumpum is a gift
and wan use am enter their sokoto,
From lagos to sokoto
And then I got a taste of it, Eh Eh
turn me inside out, Gimme Gbas Gbos and then finish am with sweet loving, Eh Eh
Naso me I humble, Naso me I foh, Naso me I catch feelings, Eh Eh
Told me that ’s far too gone, Lost and she don’t know her way back home, don’t know her way back home

Ta ta ta, Ta ta ra ta ta ta
Wayward Girl, I’m in love with a Wayward Girl
Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta
I’m in love with a Wayward Girl, I’m in love with a Wayward Girl.
Vibes… Rii

There is a particular undeniably type of mood for storytelling songs especially the one that can also make you want to dance, communicative with the emotional resolution, his ability to coin the lyrics with rhymes says a lot about his preparedness to the project, very thoughtful lines.

Track 2. Somebody

This track is very exceptional, richly in content, clean and clear sound,  it was basically centred around himself.

“Man dem they be steady party
I been giving them the beats them bopping
I been giving them the titikati”
And I wanna live life lavida loca 
I think better when I’m not sober 
And I when I step inna the scene it’s over”

Sharing his with just six lines and the use of the onomatopoeic word to fuse with the sound is very recognizable.

“Yeah, and I just wanna be Somebody 
Somebody wey be somebody 
Somebody wey like somebody 
Somebody wey born somebody 
Eeeh, and I just want to party 
To party, sipping barcadi 
With friends and family 
And songs and melody

Track 3. Lavida Loca

The transitions from the beat at the start between (27-38) seconds of the song represented the whole vibe and fanciful use of trumpet created a balanced atmosphere for the rhythmic tune, there is this complexity on the beat that makes it sound more interesting, usually needs artistry ability to deliver on that kind of beats, and yet he edges it.

Track 4. One Life (Pre-Released)

Beautifully amapiano infused sound, groovy and relaxed with a great message to inspire and motivate, this particular track uplifts mood and places you on live-your-life kind of chill, the orchestration and rhythm matched his energy.

Track 5. Many Men

The melody on this song is topnotch, slightly galala mixed rhythm and new sound, it talks about experiences, life, and its entirety, the most sensational take-out from this track is the backup vocal sync


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Mp3bullet gives the project a 70.5% (Excellent) general rating.

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