Peruzzi explains why Love isn’t for everybody

    DMW act, Peruzzi has explained to his fans and fellow Nigerians why some people may never find love.

    Peruzzi explains why Love isn't for everybody
    Peruzzi explains why Love isn’t for everybody

    Peruzzi has always been outspoken about love, romance, and cruises, and this time the musician shares what he believes to be the harsh reality of relationships.

    The “Majesty” crooner divided people into those who are made for cruising and those who are supposed to find true love.

    Love, he believes, is not for everyone, and the sooner people realise this, the better.

    He also believes that while some people will be fortunate to find love, others may remain single for the rest of their lives. Peru revealed a new category called “made for cruise and vibes.”

    He implied in his post that his category, the cruise and vibes gang, isn’t ready to fall in love.

    Peruzzi advised his followers to take a break from the search for love and simply enjoy life.

    He went on to say that people shouldn’t feel bad because they didn’t get something that would have killed them.

    The music star made this know via his Instagram Stories on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

    “Love isn’t for everyone. Some of us gon find love. Some of us gon be single. Some of us were made for cruise and vibes. Don’t kill yourself for what would’ve also killed you,”

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