Peruzzi declares war against rape allegations and critics with “Lagbaja”

    Peruzzi announced his rebirth with the release of “Labgaja” after being absent from social media for close to three months.

    Peruzzi declares war against rape allegations and critics with "Lagbaja"
    Peruzzi declares war against rape allegations and critics with “Lagbaja”

    Peruzzi shares how rape allegation against him inspired “Lagbaja”

    On the 6th of August, 2020, Peruzzi released “Lagbaja” which serves as a follow up to his first single of the year “Gunshot”.

    Unlike his other songs, Peruzzi decides to address a lot of things on his mind the best way he could. The song carries a lot of underlying message and tune. Before we reveal what they are, let’s go back to how it all started.

    2020 hasn’t been Peruzzi’s best year to put it. The drama all started when Patrick Anyaene, the owner of Golden Boy Entertainment called Peruzzi out for breach of contract and for selling “Fia”, “Ada”, “Risky”, “Mind” to Davido despite the fact that the songs were recorded for his own label.

    Patrick went further by insinuating that Peruzzi and Chioma weren’t cousins but lovers. Davido and Chioma even unfollowed themselves on Instagram at some point.

    As if that was not enough, a UK-based aspiring singer, Daffy Blanco accused the singer of sexual assault and fraud.

    According to the lawyer turned singer, Peruzzi almost raped her and she had to fight him off but ended up getting a scar.

    A couple of months later, another rape accusation came in at a time women were opening up about their rape experiences. The lady by the name Princess recalled how she was raped by the “Majesty” crooner when she accompanied her girlfriend to the musician’s place at Victoria Island, Lagos some years back.

    Peruzzi came out to debunk the allegations but Twitter users dug up old tweets of him making controversial statements about rape. After he apologized, Peruzzi went into hiding only to surface back with a new single.

    When he announced the title, “Lagbaja”, this writer was genuinely surprised. First, that name is cryptic in a lot of ways. What exactly was Peruzzi up to, was the question on my mind.

    Peruzzi himself in an interview revealed that the rape allegations inspired the song. So, I would try breaking the lyrics and the message Peruzzi was trying to pass.

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    Breaking down ‘Lagbaja’ Lyrics

    Firstly, Lagbaja is the name of the veteran musician who is well known for his mask and his saxophone. Lagbaja here in Peruzzi’s song refers to someone who is under disguise acting like a friend but trying to plot his downfall.

    In the chorus, Peruzzi sings

    “Call lagbaja, Say the matter e don turn kasala, Abi you go call Fashola, As road block don block ashana o, Na the matter we dey solve, But e no gree solve”

    This can be said to be Peruzzi asking Patrick what other plans does he have since it looks like his plans to use rape to bring him down isn’t working.

    He goes on with,

    Nwane m disabili, Disability o, Wey you they give me, Wey you they give me so, They make you feeling, Like say you they killy show, You want to finish, want to finish me o (Ewo nu), But e no fit work, See oil dey my head, The head too strong.

    In this particular verse, it’s interesting to see how Peruzzi plays around with the word, ‘disability’. He refers to the fact that their supposed plan which is making them feel like they can bring him down can’t as he(Peruzzi) has the upper hand when he says “e no fit work”. He mocks their attempt at trying to ruin him.

    In verse 2 he goes,

    You can’t stop my shine, You can’t spoil my beat, You can’t catch my drip, No need to try, But try if you please, No get as e be aih, I , I never did it oh, No no no, I never did it o

    Here he reiterates his stand that he didn’t rape anyone, adding that no one can stop his shine and tells them not to even bother. Then ends the verse by saying he never did anything he was accused of, which includes the rape allegations and the alleged affair with Chioma.

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    The beginning of the song puts things into perspective. We hear someone on a call,

    ”Hello, hello?” If you can hear me, stop wastin’ my credit… Lagba-ja “Hello, talk nah?” (Ogini ne me nkpo tu a)

    This is a direct shot at Patrick and everyone he feels are against him, calling them cowards who are hiding despite him trying to settle things face to face.

    The pleasing thing about the song is flow and beat which gives an Igbo kind of vibe. It would interest you to know that the beat takes a cue from soundtracks used in Epic films especially when warriors about to go to war.

    Peruzzi certainly didn’t come to play with this single and he makes sure his critics and rivals are aware that he is now declaring war against them and their accusations.


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