P-square Splits; A menace to the Culture?

    P-square as a duo has created a that can never be overlooked, no doubt, they have contributed so much to Nigeria industry.

    P-square Splits; A menace to the Culture?
    P-square Splits; A menace to the Culture?

    Even before afrobeat became widely accepted, their musical projects have literally broadened Afrobeats locally and a bit of international audience with the genre spotlight that placed them on the verge of becoming a global powerhouse or reference, P-square were at the forefront of the culture alongside as the mainstream musicians.

    Let’ look at their contributions to the birth of a new generation, and the importance of still having them as duo, what transpired between them to break up is not our business here, this conversation is centred around the impact their presence could make.

    Is their breakup a menace to the culture? Yes, No or maybe…let’ discuss

    P-square Splits; A menace to the Culture?
    P-square Splits; A menace to the Culture?

    Over the years, they practically put in all their pains & struggles to come up with such a world-class and timeless projects, introducing the first choreographic settings on stage to thrill audience, bridging the gap between Nigerian to foreign sounds, sampling hits songs from international pop stars perfectly, such as Celine Dion, Nathan, Harlem World and Kelly Price.

    They singlehandedly set the standard in stage performance, making it look more creatively appealing, at a point they were refer to Nigerian Usher and Michael Jackson, they evolved over time with different concept, carving the map wonderfully even in the CD’ era.

    Now, let’ talk about the effect of their breakup to the culture directly or indirectly even though they may not get the same buzz as their career journey.

    * Divisiveness of fanbase

    In 2010’s, they were able to sell out various venues with huge numbers capacity, (5k, 10k, 20k) including sold-out stadiums in some African countries, thus making the culture gain more importance and relevance, this is what they can’t achieve in their solo career

    * Endorsement

    Initially as a duo, P-square was one of the most acts with the highest and biggest endorsement in Nigeria industry, they were first to hit a multi-million Naira deal with telecommunications company (Glo), staying together would have skyrocket them to the next level and thus a plus to the culture.

    * Recommendation

    In addition to engulfing international contracts, they were at the top of bridging international relations, with some features internationally, including , and others, they are still together by now, it won’t be a news that international labels like Sony, Atlantic Records, Motown, Empire etc, would be knocking on their doorstep, it’ will be also a great fit for afrobeats.

    In conclusion, is their split a menace to the Culture? Yes, a very big Yes!

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