These are outstanding Nigerian albums without features or collaborations.

Not all musicians have mastered the skill of creating albums, being talented is one thing, but having the skills necessary to create stunning creations is quite another, and these are outstanding Nigerian albums without features.

Sure, most artists have talent, they’re just ok at producing albums, though. Nothing extraordinary.

Outstanding Nigerian albums without features
Outstanding Nigerian albums without features

Of course, there are certain badasses who can create beautiful works that become timeless. A good project is difficult to make. Making a nice project all by yourself without any other artists features is a completely different game.

Outstanding Nigerian albums without features

Olamide — Eyan Mayweather

A rapper doing an album of 21 tracks and not putting anyone is the most ballsy thing any artist has done in the past ten years. It takes a lot of guts to even wanna try something like that. But Olamide did it.

Eyan Mayweather” was a Drake type of album; a hybrid of afro sounds and hip-hop. The album is hands down one of the best rap albums of the past decade. Baddo did that without featuring anybody!

Asa — Asa

There’s a reason why Asa’s eponymous debut album is considered a Nigerian classic. Well, not one reason. Quite a lot of them in fact.

Asa,” released back in 2007, has songs like “Jailer,” “Bibanke,” and “Awe.” Most importantly, all of the songs on it were performed by Asa herself with no assistance.

Kizz Daniel — King of

Most people slept on this Kizz Daniel album because it came at a time when there were many projects out. But it is still one of the best we’ve had in recent times.

King of ” has some hits and set the tone for what Kizz Daniel could do. The success of KOL must have, at least in part, inspired his work on “Barnabas.”

Dotman — Hakuna Matata

For many years, Dotman has been roaming the industry in search of a place. He’s tried, really. That’s why he’s not exactly undeserving of a beautiful project like “Hakuna Matata.”

Zero features, zero payola, still Dotman made one of the best albums of the year 2021, all while doing that same style of people thought he couldn’t blow with. Absolutely phenomenal!

Fireboy — Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps

After “Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps” in 2019, Fireboy left all of his peers behind to join the big leagues. Seriously, that’s a mad album.

How a rookie could manage that is still a mystery to every one of us. An album some have called the best debut since “Superstar,” it was bangers all through. Every track was literally a hit! In 2019, nobody could touch Fire. Not really, no.

 Brymo — Oso

Released in 2018, this Brymo’s album is what some regard as his best album ever. The soul-filled project is a well-executed album, with no single average song.

The lead single “” went viral after the video became a huge controversy on social media.

You can’t deny though, that the guy’s got a with the music.

Joeboy — SBBM

Joeboy kick-started 2021 by dropping his long-awaited debut album, SBBM, a follow-up to his 2019 EP.

The album, anything, was supposed to boost Joeboy’s profile and create some hype around him, and make it clear he can do a lot better than “Nobody.”

It wasn’t hard. More than half a dozen of the songs on the album have taken turns to become major anthems. His album had that pull, and critically, I tell you, it was one of the better albums of 2021.

9ice — ID Cabasa

In 2016, the least of everybody expected to stage a comeback was 9ice, after such a long time from the top of the game. But, he did. First, pushing a single “Economy.”

His album “ID Cabasa,” was named after the Coded Tunes boss, instrumental in the production of 9ice’s break-out album, in 2008.

Living Things” was off the album, and the album was such a pop album, from a veteran.

As much as he was philosophical on the album, he also showcased his versatility, delivering on the strangest kind of instrumentals.

There was a new Coublon, and there was old Puffy T. Really, nobody could have done it better. He did it with no features too!