Ortise Femi hospitalised after escaping a ghastly accident

    Nigerian Singer, Oritse Femi has been admitted to the hospital following a horrific accident in Sapaade, Ogun State, which nearly took his life.

    Ortise Femi hospitalised after escaping a ghastly accident
    Ortise Femi hospitalised after escaping a ghastly accident

    The Nigerian music industry has just been spared yet another tragedy, as Oritse Femi survived a fatal accident.

    According to pictures circulating on social media and eyewitness accounts, the entertainer’s car somersaulted a couple of times, causing the front windshield to pull away and leaving his vehicle in a total wreck.

    Mp3bullet.ng also seen videos of Oritse Femi being treated in a hospital after suffering minor injuries.

    He has, however, turned to Instagram to provide photos of the incident as well as an update on the situation.

    He also urged the Nigerian government to improve the country’s roads and hospitals.

    “Thank you so much for all the well wishes.

    “There is a thin line between life and death.

    “I’m thankful to still be alive. Accident is not something you wish on your enemy.

    “It was really scary but God came through.

    “We are only looking for what to eat, may we not meet with what will eat us.

    “Once again, a big thank you to everyone.

    “Recovering from the trauma and grateful to be alive.

    “Please let’s stay safe out there!

    “Government abeg make una repair roads and build better hospitals! #thankgodforlife 🙏,”


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