Oniduro Mi E Se: The Origin and what you need to know about the song

    The contemporary Nigerian gospel industry is a very large and versatile space with loads of talented ministers.

    Oniduro Mi E Se- The Origin and what you need to know about the song
    Oniduro Mi E Se- The Origin and what you need to know about the song

    With a spring of glory, the Oniduro Mi E se song has been on the headlines for various reasons, and we have decided to take a look at the origin and all you need to know about the song.

    As stated earlier, the gospel industry in Nigeria is filled with loads of blessed singers of different genres, and as such expect a blend of unique styles and forms of transmitting the same message in a song differently.

    The Origin

    Long before the sudden outburst of fame, Oniduro Mi which translates to “My Guarantor” has been one of the lowkey inspiring songs, sung in religious gatherings. Not too popular though, it’s a song almost everyone has heard in his subconscious!

    As a guarantor, the song translates to having a helper and a refuge in trying and unpleasant times!

    However, the claims of who originated this amazing song have been a great concern and cause to look into.

    Before getting into details of the sole composer and first artiste to release this song, it is important to note that, replicating songs or remaking songs with the same title is a common trend in this gospel market. At times, the sole owners don’t get the credit and glory for their track! So, it is not a new thing when you find out different artistes release the same song.

    Now, on the claims of whose song is this has brought in four major Yoruba gospel singers to the frontline.

    Arguably, most people have accustomed the song to the fast-rising of their mist, named

    Adeyinka Alaseyori.

    Adeyinka Alaseyori

    Adeyinka is a female gospel minister springing quickly to the surface; a unique and vocally powerful songstress with a couple of wonderful songs to her record. In March 2020, she released her own version of this song “Arojinle (Oniduro Mi E se) “, which certainly depicts she isn’t the first and sole composer of this song!

    The second artiste is the popular Ero Oja crooner, Shola Allyson! Allyson has been consistent for over a decade now, and vocally she is top-notch. A few years ago, Allyson released her own version of Oniduro Mi E Se in a live performance, which of course is older than the latest singer.

    Shola Allyson

    For some time now, a good number of people are of the opinion she’s the originator of the sound. However, she makes a shocking revelation, debunking that claim!

    According to her;

    I first heard this song years ago from Mama Bola Are at my home-out-of-home, @agape_pground in Akure and I immediately connected with it because, me, I would have been ridiculed, and deserted and forgotten! The song helps me express my gratitude in that respect very succinctly.

    So this balls down to two amazing veterans who have spent decades spreading the message of good news, hope, and love with their songs. We have Evangelist Bola Are and Evangelist Toluwalase Adelegan.

    A lot of you may wonder how Toluwalase Adelegan got into the picture, well haven had a sudden spring of fame(Oniduro Mi), she comes out to claim what is rightfully hers. With an exclusive chat with Punch Newspaper, she reveals how and what inspired her to make this song.

    Toluwalase Adelegan

    According to Toluwalase;

    “The year I sang the song, I was going through a lot of tribulations. Things were so bad that even my children were facing challenges. I was frustrated and tired of life. That was when God gave me the song.

    She said, “The song is the second track on the album, Second Announcement, and it is the hit track in the album. The song is about 11-minutes long. The album was launched in 2016, but we had earlier done the live video recording in 2014 while I performed the song. We only launched the full album in 2016.

    Here’s her version:


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    Mama Bola on the other hand has not revealed nor made claims regarding this song! However, it is important to note that Bola’s legendary has produced 18 solid albums with over 40 years of relevance and counting.

    Bola Are

    In a nutshell, the song Oniduro Mi affirms the title as it has blessed all its singers with amazing fame and glory! Whether it was originated 100 years ago, the fact remains it is an amazing song.

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