Omawumi explains how her husband inspires her music

    Nigerian Songbird, Omawumi Megbele has spoken out about her husband and how he greatly inspires her music.

    Omawumi explains how her husband inspires her music
    Omawumi explains how her husband inspires her music

    Omawumi, who has a new album out called “Love Deep High Life,” discussed how she uses it to communicate her love for her husband

    In an interview with HipTv, the singer also explained why she cropped her hair in the music video

    “I cut my hair live in that video because when I was writing the song, I was in a place of despair. During the pandemic, I was losing people left, right and centre.

    “There was also the ‘Sorosoke’ in the background, people were dying. It just felt like nothing was going right with the country.

    “We were celebrating mediocrity, people like me that I am a perfectionist I tend to put in a lot of hard work.

    “I felt really tired. That was one of the reasons why I cut my hair. It was like a redefining moment for me.

    ‘The barbing of the hair na to make you understand say I no send again.’

    “My husband plays a large role influencing my music. I use my music to express love to him; sometimes I use my music to abuse him.

    “And he will be like ‘Can you just sing about something else?’ Outside of that, I make sure my family is totally separate from my work…”

    Omawumi explains how her husband inspires her music
    Omawumi and her family

    When asked why she doesn’t comment on trending social media issues, the “Bottom belle” crooner said, “Everybody has lapses.

    “In an interview, I was asked what I would say to people who love to stick their noses in people’s business and I said, ‘May the world celebrate your misery’.

    “You can see that somebody is going through something and the only thing you can do is to support them with love.

    “Decisions that people make are the decisions that they make. You cannot be assertive about your opinion when it comes to the things other people do.

    “That is why I do not have an opinion and even if I do, it’s inside my head and my mind,” she added.

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