Omah Lay Reveals Interesting Facts About His Album ‘Boy Alone’

  • Omah Lay Shares 5 Facts About ‘Boy Alone’

  • Omah Lay shares interesting details about his debut

Omah Lay Reveals Interesting Facts About His Album 'Boy Alone'
Omah Lay Reveals Interesting Facts About His Album ‘Boy Alone’

Port-Harcourt born sensation, Omah Lay debuted his Boy Alone in the hours of July 15th, much to the delight of music fans around the country.

Omah Lay gave his fans an gift by hosting a Q&A session with the as the main hours before the record’s release.

Here are some details Omah Lay provided to his fans about the Boy Alone album:

While Bend You appears to be everyone’s favourite, Omah Lay found it challenging to write.

The singer shared that on the entire album, the second verse of the record had been the longest for him to write.

For Omah Lay, his debut albums signify staying in his lane, being in his zone and living on his terms.

Interestingly and according to the singer, Boy Alone is also his father’s name.

Omah Lay, a former producer who is now a musician, acknowledged that his tendency to overthink caused the album’s release to be delayed.

He also stated that the record was created entirely through introspection.


For the singer who’d stated that the song which felt the most like himself was in I’m A Mess, Omah Lay’s songwriting process is varied.

He said it may take anywhere from an hour to a year to write a song. Additionally, the album’s recording took him 18 months.

Omah Lay also answered the subject of Burna Boy, to which he had earlier said that the singer would not be included on the project because he had taken him off.

The Boy Alone composer took some time to explain that his earlier remark was a jest, adding a crossed-fingers emoji to indicate that the collaboration between the two Port Harcourt musicians was on the way.

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