Omah Lay is predicted to have the album of the year in 2022

Omah Lay is predicted to have the album of the year in 2022 with ‘Boy Alone.

The 23-year-old honey-toned musician caught the attention of fans of Afropop, nearly little was known about him other than the fact that he was a part of the vibrant Port Harcourt scene.

Though the music had many appealing elements, led by a sweet voice and extremely clever songwriting, it was clear why people liked it.

Omah Lay is predicted to have the album of the year in 2022
Omah Lay

In the most depressing period of our shared history, “Bad Influence” and “You” created the myth of Stanley Omah Didia and thrust him in front of an attentive generation of love-deprived people.

To his credit, Omah Lay began his breakthrough year with ‘Get Layd,’ a record brimming with enjoyable sonic combinations.

The initial pair of songs were buffered by “Lo Lo” and “Ye Ye Ye,” while “Damn” went on to become a huge hit.
Omah Lay stands out from other students in his class because of his quirks, and it’s even more admirable that he’s eager to share projects.

What Have We Done?, his sophomore EP from November of that same year, may not have garnered as much immediate cultural cache as its predecessors, but it confirmed the budding superstar’s special capacity to touch the very core of himself, closely and without editing, while producing a hit as massive as “Godly.”

That quality might best be described as raw, although Omah Lay achieves a certain level of finesse by sketching where another artist might overtly paint.

The album’s production immediately stands out. It is apparent that Omah Lay prefers the originals in a market that is flooded with mid-tempo beats.

Each of the fourteen songs is intricately layered and adjusted to the artist’s unique gestures. They are splattered across a huge canvas of a buttery percussive base collectively.

There is occasionally an emo vibe emanating from the center, as on the songs “i’m a mess” and “purple song,” which uses mood-centric guitars to create a sensitive environment.

Never Forget and “So So” together brilliantly crank up the tempo and assist guide the album’s flow at key points.

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