Oluwa Nelly unveils new single ‘Run’

    Oluwa Nelly shows his versatility as he unveils a new single ‘Run’ to bless his fans’ playlist.

    Oluwa Nelly unveils new single ‘Run’
    Oluwa Nelly unveils new single ‘Run’

    Oluwa Nelly drops catchy lines and bars that can’t be underestimated on this new single – Run as he addresses the situation of things in Nigeria.

    The versatile Afrobeat piece, infused with Uk, American, and Pidgin Rap elements, electrically comes together to form the latest release ‘RUN’ from Nigerian emerging artist Oluwa Nelly.

    Growing up surrounded by music, Oluwa Nelly’s inspiration to create his own music was kickstarted from freestyling to beats with his friends every night.

    “I used to freestyle about the hardships faced in Nigeria, and how I would try and be successful so as to go back and fix everything.” 

    Always aiming to be the best in both his lyrics and beats, Oluwa Nelly is one of the most resourceful artists we have seen come out of Nigeria in recent years!

    “I was moved to write ‘RUN’ after returning to Nigeria and seeing the ongoing situation of my country. I experienced police brutality, extortion, bribery. The fact that these things go on is horrible, but it’s even worse than no one in the country wants to address it. So that’s why I wrote ‘RUN’.” 

    Without a doubt trying and succeeding, Oluwa Nelly navigates politically-fuelled waters with respect and incredible musicianship! He is the must-watch player that the post-covid music scene has been searching for.


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