Olamide’s “Choko Milo” is the real December jam

    Olamide’s dexterity is not a characteristic that hasn’t been put to test, consistently.

    Olamide's “Choco Milo” is the real December jam

    In fact, every year, the rise of new kids on the block, disturbing the streets, has been a major challenge for Olamide, because it has altered the way a lot of people see the YBNL honcho as invincible, before now.

    But, not to worry. If Olamide could make it through the times when street music wasn’t a thing in the mainstream, what threat could a few hot street guys be to him? So, Olamide, like every other artist in his caliber, isn’t sweating it. He’s putting out music, yeah, but he’s definitely not pushing buttons like a rookie.

    He kicked off 2019 withWoske”, a collaboration with Killertunes that still has the most plausible afro-Zanku mash-up you’ll find out there. Then he went on to do the rather introspective “Spirit, you really can’t figure out the objective of the track, but it was a hit, anyway.

    He’s still a big fish in the market, and ID Cabasa put him onTotori which also featured Starboy Wizkid. Then, there is the ‘needy’ “Oil & Gas”, where the singer kept on mentioning names of important personalities. And more recently, Pawon hit the streets and just like the name, it’s a real killer, around here.

    But one thing is clear, though. These songs don’t have the durability of the days when Olamide was a magician on these streets. The trending of most of them was short-lived by some other new thing that was banging, and it’s understandable, given that, things got really serious around here, with ’em Zlatan and Naira Marley’s flooding the market with singles. Olamide can’t do that, no more.

    Still, there’s a lot of things Olamide could do. And one of them is to make sure that no party is complete this December without his vibe. I like to think that’s the only reason that could have made him feel the need to drop something, at a time like this. Especially when it’s gonna be colliding with bang tracks from many others who also have the same aim.

    Choko Milo does sound like the perfect jam for that, though. The beat has got some bass, and the tempo is regular street music BPM, and Baddo is no stranger to that, as we know. The instrumentation is actually plentiful, he could totally put a singer on it and it would make sense. Good one there, for the producer.

    Olamide rides the beat, starting the vibe from an edge, with what would be a pre-chorus or say, a vamp, which immediately comes through as catchy. Then he went to the more groovy hook and repeated the “o like Choko milo” for a while. Before bursting into a verse that’s got a storyline and bars, equally. And then, back to the hook and back again. And under three minutes, he’s done. Smooth.

    Olamide's “Choko Milo” is the real December jam

    Forgoing straight into the point, the music, the real deal, this is going to be a favorite for DJ’s who are looking to spin some street music, during the festive season. Olamide has made the tune so easy to come in and out of. And, for fans, this is totally something anyone could memorize in seconds and can’t forget because of how catchy it is.

    For what it’s worth, another theory is, Olamide may be looking to drop an album, pretty soon and “Choko Milo” is like a pre-amble. But that looks unlikely, though. “Choko Milo” doesn’t sound like what Baddo will put on his LP, but yeah, it does sound like something that could rock this December!

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