Olamide, Naira Marley & Zlatan; Street Artistes That Shouldn’t Be Compared

    Three street artists that you shouldn’t compare; Olamide, Zlatan and Naira Marley.

    Olamide, Naira Marley & Zlatan; Street Artistes That Shouldn’t Be Compared

    The comparison of artists, old or young has become a kind of religion in today’s music industry. However, some limits shouldn’t be crossed.

    There has been an ongoing comparison of the three artists listed above which initiated by fans. These are rather unnecessary acts and have to be put to a stop.

    When we talk about street artists; few people come to our minds; Olamide, Naira Marley, Zlatan, Small Doctor, and the rest of them.

    We, however, can’t deny that the first three listed are the most rated in this genre of music.

    Olamide aka Badoo Sneh is a renowned indigenous rapper who redefined rap in the Nigerian music industry.

    He was also one of the pioneers of the “Yoruba new school rap”, which is a highly patronized genre of music today.

    I can authoritatively say that Olamide was the artist who set the pace for other young artists to follow, and even stepped back so they could have their shine.

    Despite the rise these artists, Badoo wasn’t threatened and never relented in dropping hits back to back

    Meanwhile, Naira Marley and Zlatan came into the spotlight just recently, and almost simultaneously.

    Olamide, Naira Marley & Zlatan; Street Artistes That Shouldn’t Be Compared
    Zlatan Ibile

    Zlatan’s road to fame was considerably a smooth one as all it took was a hit single; “Zanku ( leg work)” to put him up front.

    He also got us familiar to his sound as he followed up his breakthrough with other hits like; “This year”, “Shotan” ft Tiwa savage, “Killin Dem”; a collaboration with Burna boy, “Bolanle”, and the likes of them.

    Naira Marley’s fame, on the other hand, was built upon controversies, but what really got us attracted to him was his special skills when it came to music.

    Marley dropped blazing hits like “Issa goal” ft Olamide, “Am I a Yahoo boy” ft Zlatan, “Soapy”,and the list goes on.

    Meanwhile, Olamide was giving us jams like “Science student”, “Wo”,”Woske”, etc.

    These songs from the different musicians went all around the streets, no was at the top of the bottom.

    Individually, it is not even right to compare Zlatan and Naira Marley as they both make slightly distinct kinds of music that the streets jam to.

    Zlatan is basically a rapper, he tries singing too. Naira Marley, on the other hand, has this unique sound z even though he cannot be qualified as a rapper.

    At the end of the day, both artists pit out good music and everyone dances to.

    None is better than the other, but if you want a hit, but both of them in one song!, It’ll be like magic.

    Some people without even thinking come out to say stuff like “Naira Marley defeats Olamide, becomes King of streets ” and so on, sorry dear, you are absolutely wrong.

    Olamide, Naira Marley & Zlatan; Street Artistes That Shouldn’t Be Compared
    Naira Marley

    Naira Marley may have some hardcore fans who claim to be “Marlians”, but about two to three years ago there were no “Marlians”.

    This same set of people were as at than probably dancing to Olamide’s “Wo”

    Olamide has left a legacy behind which will take these two artists years to build, sentiments aside.

    Moreover, these three artists have their own fan base and notable recognition from the streets.

    One cannot be mentioned, without reference to the others, so why the incessant comparison??

    if you are a fan, of any of these three, the wisest thing to do is help promote their music, not bring one down for the other.

    Music was created for entertainment, not waging wars that cannot be won.

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