Offset and Cardi B spotted together.

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If you think some campaigns on social media do not work out then you lie. Shortly after the trending “Take Me Back Cardi” Campaign, and make it up to each other on a Jet Ski in Puerto Rico.

We are not sure if Cardi B and Offset have made amends, but they did look boo’d up earlier today while they were spotted jetskiing in Puerto Rico. Cardi and Offset were reportedly there with friends.

Offset and Cardi B make it up to each other on a Jet Ski in Puerto RicoFrom what it seems like, Offset’s efforts to win back his wifey has worked out. Eyewitnesses said they were laughing and playing together in the waters. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation that the two have got back together. There was also no sign of their daughter Kulture, but there’s a good chance she was there as well. Cardi B is set to perform tonight at the Electric Holiday festival in San Juan tonight.

Cardi B initially announced their break-up at the top of the month and since then, Offset’s been doing his best to win her over. After making an emotional plea for forgiveness on Instagram, the rapper then crashed her set at Rolling Loud L.A. with cake and flowers to win her back. Cardi did not seem amused by it, but she did go on social media to come to his defense.

It looks like Offset’s wish to spend Christmas with Kulture and Cardi could become a reality. However, Cardi will be performing in Sydney for New Years Eve so maybe they won’t be ringing in the new year together.

offset and cardi b ride on jet ski

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