Nyashiski: The Kenyan musical GOAT we’ve always needed.

A talk on the east African music industry isn’t over yet if there is mention of the legend Nyamari Ongengu famous as Nyashinski.

Nyashiski: The Kenyan musical goat we’ve always needed.
Nyashiski: The Kenyan musical goat we’ve always needed.

To be honest; he’s my bias when speaking of Kenyan artists. Is it because of his phenomenal music that keeps ringing in your ears hours after the song is done or is it he’s the real definition of hard work pays off and the guru of ‘never give up?

Our ears were blessed to hear him for the first time around 1999 (generation Zs would never get it) on great hits like BAD BOY where he was featured by Amani. Obviously, we all wanted to know who is this guy that was he distracting everyone else more and that’s when his talent made him bloom more.

However, if you’ve been in the industry for a you will know it’s never just about talent and for a moment after long silence; we all believed Nyashiski is gone; personally I grieved.

Maybe he thought so too because for about ten years he was in the United States, doing something else with his life. But a lion never forgets to hunt and we were fools to even think a musical genius like him could somehow be gone.

His comeback is as merciless as it was a blessing. Nigga literally said Sike! to all of us. Who knew he was the music messiah we needed at that exact time? All was well though; his seat was never taken. Only his head could fit that music crown.

Deep down we all thought he was going to leave again. It’s not something new to happen. Someone comes in with the greatest hit and then just disappears and you all wonder what the hell happened. Not this GOAT though, this time he was here to stay and none of us were ready; not only Kenyans but also east and central Africa.

Nyashiski: The Kenyan musical goat we’ve always needed.
Nyashiski: The Kenyan musical goat we’ve always needed.

His song MALAIKA was on repeat on everyone’s phone, a hit on all weddings and ceremonies. The question on everyone’s tongue was “who is this Rastafarian and where has been all our lives?” and he was accurate in describing himself ‘fundi’ of his career.

He’s what our ears needed for a and some and he confessed in his song GOAT saying “industry ilikua flat kila vital sign, tu-agree kuwa comeback yangu ilikuwa right time.” We had idea what this meant until everyone’s radio played the song “MUNGU PEKEE” meaning only God on every Sunday morning. Artists sang then as a hobby he made turn music into a business.

What’s outstanding about this guy is not only his masterpieces of music; it’s how he separates his music from his personal life. Reporters are working overtime on this one.

The only scandal we get lucky to hear is what is on his hit. His fellow artists can’t get enough of him and there always trying to add his flavor and some of the extraordinary collaborations include TUJIANGALIE with Sauti Sol, IN CASE YOU with a Tanzanian singer Juma Jux. This nigga has genre or type be it ghetto, gospel, love whatever he touches turns into gold.

You ever listen to a song and you say “this song has a great beat but the lyrics are just garbage”? I dare you to listen to any song from this man and get anything other than pure gold.

This guy has given us everything we need for every mood we feel and it’s just bliss. You can when high and still manage to enjoy it at your lowest moment.

Crazy right? Listen to “LIFT ME UP “ and you have every right to in love.

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