Niniola’s EP ‘6th Heaven’ is Rhythm and Bliss [REVIEW]

    Niniola ‘6th Heaven’ is a five (6) track EP that defines Rhythm and Bliss, a core R&B project that has the ability to elicit emotions, relaxation and happiness.

    Niniola's EP '6th Heaven' is Rhythm and Bliss [REVIEW]
    Niniola’s EP ‘6th Heaven’ is Rhythm and Bliss [REVIEW]
    A little recap of his other projects and notable singles, Niniola released her debut single Ibadi in March 2014, 3 years later she released her debut album in 2017 titled ‘This Is Me’ then a follow-up second studio album in 2020 titled ‘Colours and Sounds’ where she bump to South Africa’s tranquillizing Amapiano sound with Jamaican dancehall and afrobeat.

    Niniola is one of the most successful and acclaimed ‘Queen of Afro-House’, steadily churning out club dominating bangers.

    Niniola voice definitely can do anything she wants to do in music, ‘6th Heaven’ excels in vocal range, basically wanted to express her self and show the other side of her self and answer to a lot of prayers from fans who have been demanding that she gives them a crumb of her R&B singing facet, and use those vocals for ballads

    Also, at a point, I was wowed and had to run back to confirm, I assumed I was listening to a chanteuse like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, or Toni Braxton, she explores the pure R&B genre, incorporating influences from artistic maturity and inclination.

    Lovely tone and great control, I love what she did with this project, gunning for another kind of audience, unlike her usual sound.

    Track 1. The One (intro)

    DJ Rombee produced track is a  mixture of R kelly & Celine Dion infused vibe, the transitions from the beginning of the song strike a heavenly climax, fusing it with a pidgin English to encapsulate the African vibe.

    Track 2. 6th Heaven

    One of the best song on the project by meticulous productions and musical complexity, carefully delivered to bring out the full vibe.

    Track 3. Promise

    Niniola brought her inner self to expressively relay a message through a hard rhythm, it’s not really about the beat but how the vocal could make one feel, emotionally and feeling like missing an island love.

    Track 4. Baby

    This track is very African as she fuses the afrobeat and Rhythm ballads with a catchy chorus to blend the formulated regular street slangs ‘Sharky my head’.

    Track 5. Ryde

    This is a bit explicit in content, imbibing a sensual atmosphere and naughty times with her smooth falsetto, every line is setting the mood romantically and the thought of grinding to the song, definitely a sex-playlist track.



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