Nigerian Throwback songs with controversial lyrics

    Mp3.ng presents Nigerian songs with controversial lyrics.

    Nigerian Throwback songs with controversial lyrics
    Nigerian songs with controversial

    These Nigerian songs had us dancing but their were controversial.

    Back in the days when the music industry was booming, were an important factor as much as their beat and melody.

    While there were censorship guiding the entertainment industry, it didn’t stop artists who just wanted to express their thoughts on particular issues.

    Some of these songs were a popular staples in parties, clubs and radios but their had parents cringing whenever it came on near their children.

    The list does not contain songs that were contentious due to ownership disputes (stolen music controversy) or diss songs, but rather entirely on the lyrical content or lack thereof.


    Kerewa – Zule zoo

    Nigerian Throwback songs with controversial lyrics
    Kerewa- Zule Zoo

    Kerewa was a highly divisive song when it first came out. The Song was prohibited from most radio stations due to its obscene and innuendos.

    This is one of those songs where everyone has a personal experience of singing along to the explicit and colourful and then being punished by an African parent for doing so.

    The theme, ironically, wasn’t about sex, but about the now-popular topic of rape. Many of us were too ignorant back in 2005, when it was a hit, to realize this.

    The song’s plot revolves around a young child who witnesses their mum cheating on their dad with another man and proceeds to sing about it in graphic detail.

    Yahooze- Olu Maintain

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    Olu Maintain – Yahooze

    Yahooze” is a song by Nigerian recording artist Olu Maintain. It was produced by Puffy Tee and officially released on October 27, 2007, as the lead single from his debut album of the same name.

    Yahooze” was not only a commercial hit but also popularize the Yahooze dance which involves throwing fingers in the air.

    Although many of us were too naïve to grasp the source of the money Olu Maintain sang about in his 2007 hit, Yahooze, we all recognized the song was a hit.

    Maga Don Pay- Kelly Hansome

    Nigerian Throwback songs with controversial lyrics
    Maga don Pay-Kelly Hansome

    This song was popular for many reasons. The beat and most of all, its melody. However, the are somewhat controversial.

    The name of the song borrows its language from the textbook of 419s or Yahoo Yahoo boys as they are popularly known. It a slang used when a victim has successfully been scammed.

    It was a popular hit song when it was released in 2008 but unfortunately also encouraged the celebration of criminals who are defrauding people to make a quick buck.

    The song was released a year after the release of Olu Maintain’s Yahooze. These two songs are the bedrock upon which other songs which promote fraud activities are being made.

    Ashawo- Flavour

    Flavour Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)  Mp3 Download
    Ashawo- Flavour

    The name of the song alone tells you it is about to be controversial galore. Flavour’s Ashewo song was laced with a lot of sexual undertones and lines. The song was highly controversial as the video didn’t even help matters.

    Iya Basira-

    Styl Plus
    Styl Plus- Iya Basira

    Styl Plus gave fans a lot of hits to and “Iya Basira” is one of them. The song at first listen might confuse as just another funny story but beneath the surface lies a very confusing and puzzling story.

    On “Iya Basira‘, Tunde, Shiffy and Zeal sing about a food vendor who is the titular character whose food customers can’t seem to get enough of.

    The food causes them to spend their money on Iya Basira’s restaurant, and fight with their loved ones and even the Police can’t help them break out of her chokehold.

    The song’s theme is -like with the suspicion that Iya Basira might actually be using juju to hold her customers.


    If I die- Dagrin

    Dagrin- If I Die

    How many artists can predict their death and how its likely going to happen? Dagrin, an indigenous rapper, released the song shortly before his death. After his death, the song became immensely controversial, sparking several rumours and legends about his premature death.

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