Nigerian New School groups taking over the music scene

    Spotlighting the Nigerian New School groups currently taking over the music scene.

    Nigerian New School groups taking over the music scene
    Nigerian New School groups taking over the music scene

    In the early 2000s, Music groups/boybands were a huge deal in the Nigerian Music Industry. We had successful groups like the Remedies, Trybesmen, Plantashun Boiz dominating the airwaves with their songs.

    As the industry started to evolve the mid-2000s to the 2010s, boybands began to slowly fade to the background, P-square and Styl Plus at some point were the only groups holding down the forte.

    Now the two groups have scattered with their members pursuing solo careers. However these days, music groups are beginning to slowly make a comeback but mostly from other music genres like Highlife.

    We decided to take a look at Music groups that are currently dominating the music scene despite not being pure Afropop groups.


    Umu Obiligbo

    Nigerian New School groups taking over the music scene
    Umu Obiligbo

    Umu Obiligbo is a Nigerian Highlife music group made up of two blood brothers, Ogbuozor and Akunnwafor Obiligbo from Anambra state.

    Their father, Chief Akunwafor Ajana Obiligbo was a popular Highlife musician during his time.

    The brothers aren’t twins, Ogbuozor is the elder, while Akunnwafor is the next in the family. From the same mother and father, They are princes by heredity.

    While they were popular in the South East region, their major break into mainstream music came after their joint EP, “Awele” with Flavour which was released in 2018 became a commercial success, since then they have been embraced by not the Igbos but by other tribes too.

    One of their popular hit songs is the collaboration, “Doubting Thomas” which is owned by Larry Gaaga and features Davido.

    Ajebo Hustlers

    Nigerian New School groups taking over the music scene
    Ajebo Hustlers

    The Ajebo Hustlers are a musical duo comprised of George Dandeson nicknamed Knowledge who is a rapper and singer Isaiah Precious aka Piego.

    The Ajebo Hustlers are from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and grew up in the Old GRA neighbourhood. Their sound is a combination of Afrobeat and highlife music.

    They met in 2010 while working in a restaurant in Port Harcourt, and after Piego invited Knowledge to his studio, they began making music together.

    Piego debuted his first piece of work in 2014, shortly after the two partnered together to form Ajebo Hustlers and released their first track, “Bole And Fish,” the following year.

    Their main break came in 2020 following the success of their socio-political song, “Barawo” which had Davido on the remix.

    In 20201, they teamed up with fellow Port-Harcourt breed, Omah Lay to release the chart-topping, “Pronto”.

    The Cavemen

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    The Cavemen

    Kingsley Okorie, a bassist, and Benjamin Okorie, a drummer, make up the Nigerian Highlife band The Cavemen. They were discovered by alte singer, Lady Donli.

    Their major break came in 2020 after the release of their debut album, “Roots” which won the 2020 Headies Best Alternative album.

    Two of their popular songs include “Osondu” and “Who No Know Go Know

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