Nigerian Djs play a major role on artists’ careers – Dj Exprezioni

    Raving disk jockey, Dj Exprezioni speaks extensively on the impacts of Djs on artists’ careers.

    Nigerian Djs play a major role on artists' careers - Dj Exprezioni
    Djs play major role on artists’ careers – Dj Exprezioni

    disk jockey, Dj Exprezioni spells out the major role Djs play on artists’ careers, stating, “we are an essential part in publicizing any artist as brand.”

    “Being DJ is beyond mixing and changing songs for people to dance. There are lot of technicalities, and essential values to showcase your relevance as a DJ to an artist and to the public at large.

    “Although, we are in time when most artists do not value the relevance of Dj because the internet has helped with publications and popularity, so, they feel Djs are not what we need to promote our songs. However, there is a place for computers and there is a place for the culture, which is carried out by humans.

    ” I for one did not venture into deejaying as hobby, rather, I took it up as calling, and I understand the various values and impacts that come with it.

    “For an artist, we as Djs shine more light on their careers by bringing their fans closer to them. This is something the internet will not be able to do! There is certain pull from reality than the online life we see, he said.”

    Justifying his stance, the Trybe ambassador also explained why Deejaying will never go extinct. He said, “Do you know why Djs can never go extinct? This is because of the physical and emotional presence they pull.”

    “Our relevance is beyond words. It is feeling and bonding that only humans can do, and achieve, so, it is safe to call us the mediator between artists and fans,” Exprezioni exclaimed!

    Exprezioni is one of the leading DJs who hopes to work with Davido, and Wizkid – as he has worked with Niniola and other top dogs in the industry.

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