Nigerian Comedians who are also into Music

    The Nigerian Music Industry doesn’t just belong to artists alone but also accommodates all other entertainers who know one or two about music.

    Nigerian Comedians who are also in Music
    Nigerian Comedians who are also in Music

    Comedians have not only spread their reach into the Movie Industry but also that of the Music too. While some use music to make jokes, others properly sing it.

    Here is the list of comedians who are into music;


    Basket Mouth

    One of Nigeria’s biggest comedian, Basket Mouth is the leading man of modern-day comedy in Nigeria. The versatile Entertainer has also stretched his tentacles into music. He doesn’t sing much but he is the DJ Khalid of comedy.

    He recently released an Album “Yabasi” which is the soundtrack album for his “Papa Benji” project.

    Julius Agwu

    Julius Agwu is of the pioneers of comedy in Nigeria. The veteran Comedian is also known for his singing abilities. One of which is the popular “HandWork” song.

    Handwork was released sometime in 2006

    Klint Da Drunk

    Apart from being a hilarious comedian who acts drunk during his performance, Klint Da Drunk is also into music.

    His first popular feature was with Mr Raw formerly known as Nigga Raw on the hit song “Obodo”. The two later reunited for another song, “Abundant Love”.



    Koffi Tha Guru is a Nigerian born to a Togolese mother entertainer. The Comedian has more than thirteen studio albums to his credit. The comedian mostly does Socio-political satires and uses his songs to pass a strong message instead of just entertainment.



    Bovi is one of Nigeria’s biggest and hilarious comedian. The Comedian can also rap and sings as well as he can do comedy. He has been featured on many of fellow Comedian, Koffi’s songs.



    Hilarious Comedian, Akpororo who became famous after emerging from AY’s “Open Mic” comedy show is also a gospel artist. The comedian has been a constant guest to Churches where he not only does comedy but also sings.


    Emma OMG

    Popular Instagram comedian, Emma OhMaGod is known for the comic characters he plays in skits. The Comedian also does hilarious Music covers and performs Gospel Music.


    Broda Shaggi

    Broda Shaggi is another popular Instagram Comedian that is known for his agbero personality which fans have come to love. However, that isn’t the only talent he has, as the Comedian also sings. He has hit songs to his belt too.


    Kenny Blaq

    Kenny Blaq is a popular singing comedian that is known for using music to crack jokes. His greatest strength is being able two crossbreeds two different genres.

    He became internationally known after doing a cover of Micheal Dappah’s song, “Mans Not Hot” with a Tope Alabi kind of beat.

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