Nigerian Celebrities who have fought with Davido

  • Celebrities Davido has allegedly had clash with.

  • A list of Nigerian celebrities have fought with Davido

Nigerian Celebrities who have fought with Davido
Nigerian Celebrities have fought with Davido

Davido appears to have had conflicts with a large number of Nigerian celebrities.

From his never-ending dispute with Wizkid to his altercation with Mc Galaxy and Burna Boy, the DMW president seems to constantly be involved in drama in the music industry.


Here is a list of Nigerian celebrities with whom Davido has recently had a conflict.


Nigerian Celebrities who have fought with Davido

The feud between Wizkid and Davido seems to have begun before their friendship did. The two became friends after Davido rose to fame with his debut track, “Dami duro,” but the connection was short-lived because their never-ending feud began a few months later.

The conflict between the two parties seemingly has no beginning. Davido has been entangled in one argument or another with Wizkid ever since he rose to popularity.

hardly even recall what sparked their altercation. You can say they have a love-and-hate relationship.

MC Galaxy

Nigerian Celebrities who have fought with Davido
MC Galaxy

It was alleged that MC Galaxy was assaulted by Davido and his crew back in 2015.

The altercation began with a disagreement between B-Red (Davido’s cousin) and MC Galaxy.

MC Galaxy asserted that he was more well-known than B-Red. The HKN performer refuted the claim, claiming that he was more well-known than MC Galaxy.

Davido jumped into the fray, telling MC Galaxy to leave the studio because he did not like him abusing his artists.

Davido struck Galaxy in the back before he could respond.

When that happened, Lati, his driver, took over and punched Galaxy before hitting him in the head with an Orijin bottle.

When MC Galaxy was reached, he confirmed the attack indeed took place.

Although Davido later refuted the claims, saying that he had not been involved in the incident.

Dele Momodu

Dele Momodu

The conflict between the two parties began in December 2015, when the DMW label boss clashed with Sophia, his baby mama and Momodu’s cousin.

The two got into a fight when Sophia stopped Davido from taking his daughter to Dubai against her will.

Later, Davido expressed regret for his behaviour and claimed Momodu might have handled the situation more effectively. But he was far from finished.

First Davido created the evergreen line on Humblesmith’s breakout single – ‘Osinachi’ – which was hugely instrumental to the success of the singer.

Davido’s opening goes like this: “My humble father sinachi, My loving daughter sinachi mo, My baby mama sinachi, Dele Momodu, sinachi mo. No be by force to go Dubai, Abi na wetin cause the fight…”

But Davido was not done. In his next featured verse which he supplied for Falz’s ‘Bahd, Baddo, Baddest”, he came through with the killer line of them all: “Mr Dele na my boy Dele na my boy.”

Reacting in an interview with JOY NEWS, a Ghanaian station, Momodu said Davido cannot say such to his face.

B-Red & Sina Rambo

B-Red and Sina Rambo

Earlier in 2016, the trio argued over Davido’s feelings toward new signing Mayorkun, had back then just released his first single, ‘Eleko.’

They started exchanging rants on social media because Mayorkun received extra attention.

On Sunday, April 17, 2016, Davido wrote, “My own blood hating on me .. Over MAYORKUN’s success wow !!! I’ve done so much for u .. U still no blow !! FUCK OUTTA HERE!! Hater oshi”.

“You don do over 10 videos and nothing happened, so don’t bring ur anger to me please.”

However, they have all settled and even gone to collaborate on several songs.



Davido and Ice were reportedly embroiled in a brawl in while in town for a show called Delta Alive.

Shina Peller, CEO of Quillox Club, organized the event, which featured Davido, Lil Kesh, Ice Prince, CDQ, and other artists as headliners.

According to reports, the commotion started when Davido was picked up by a G-Wagon from the airport and Ice by a saloon car.

According to accounts, Ice was enraged by the gesture and revealed his feelings to the event’s organisers.

While it is possible that the event’s organisers were sympathetic to Ice Prince’s protest, Davido was reportedly furious.

The situation escalated during the concert when Ice was made to perform before Lil Kesh, which was seen as an insult as the former is a bigger artiste.

Of course, Ice made an issue of this and Davido already had an axe to grind with the ‘Aboki‘ singer, spoke up in Lil Kesh’s defence and things got messy real quick.

Burna Boy

Nigerian Celebrities who have fought with Davido
Burna boy

Burna Boy’s spat with Davido is said to have started in the autumn of 2019, when Burna Boy was nominated for a Grammy for Best World Music Album for ‘African Giant.’

After Burna Boy’s loss to Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo for the prize, Odogwu went silent on social media for a while, which led some people to worry that he did not take his loss well.

His comeback to social media was marked by a since-deleted response to a Twitter user had made the insulting claim that Burna Boy had Wizkid and Davido to thank for his success.

Burna Boy responded to the Twitter user by alleging that no one had helped him along the road and making subtle jabs at his contemporaries, claiming that nobody in his industry gave a damn.

Then in 2020, the beef became more visible as Davido announced the release of his album in July that year.

Burna Boy wasted no time in entering into Davido, as days later, he posted a black screen with the message, “JULY will be very funny, and I shall laugh accordingly” on social media, suggesting to his that he will be ridiculing Davido’s new album.

In his track ‘FEM’ which is Yoruba slang for ‘shut up’, Davido addresses Burna Boy directly in the line, “Then Odogwu says we like to party just call me…” – ‘Odogwu’ and ‘Like to Party’ are both names of a Burna Boy song.

The two took their beef further by engaging in a fight in a club in Ghana, in the early days of 2021.

According to an eyewitness, Burna Boy came to the club and charged at Davido. The African Giant was later asked to leave the premises with his boys.


Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan and Davido

Cynthia and Davido had an argument just two days into the year of 2016. Cynthia Morgan went after Davido when he revealed Lil Kesh as the winner of the Next Rated Award in October.

In a YouTube video shared by Cynthia she said;

Davido replied maturely though, saying;

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