Nigerian Artists who fans have honoured with tattoos

    Mp3bullet.ng presents Nigerian Artists who fans have honoured with tattoos

    Nigerian Artists who fans have honoured with tattoos
    Nigerian Artists who fans have honoured with tattoos

    In Nigeria, tattoos have always been a part of the culture. Some fans, however, have elected to get tattoos of the images or names of their favourite Nigerian Artists on their bodies, a practice known as ‘fan love.’

    While the artwork may appear to be lovely, anyone who gets a tattoo undergoes tremendous pain, and the ink remains on their body indefinitely.

    Mp3bullet.ng highlights some Nigerian artists who fans have honoured by inking their images or names on various parts of their bodies.


    Ayodeji Balogun, a.k.a. Wizkid, has a devoted fan base, and some of them are willing to go to great lengths for him.

    For example, a young man went through the agony of getting a large tattoo of Wizkid’s face on his arm.

    Wizkid was observed in the fan’s comment area with emoticons expressing his love for the young man, indicating that his suffering was not unnoticed. On his Instastory channel, he also reposted the fan’s video.

    Several other ardent fans have gone under the needle to tattoo the singer’s name or image on various parts of their bodies in order to show their affection for him.


    Davido has also received fan support in the form of tattoos. A fan recently had the image of the musician tattooed on her back, along with the faces of his three children. Another fan had the singer’s name and all of his songs tattooed on his body.

    Tacha, a former BBNaija star, had a tattoo of the singer inked between her breasts.

    The singer has never taken his fans’ support for granted, and he frequently reposts his die-hard followers’ tattoos when they catch his eye.

    In addition, the singer takes the time to thank any fan who expresses their affection in this way.

    Burna Boy

    Burna Boy has the honour of having people tattoo his image on their bodies.

    The singer’s stage name was apparently tattooed on the arm of a male fan. A lady also had the singer’s face tattooed on her lap and his name tattooed on her chest. She also recorded the entire operation and shared it on social media.

    In celebration of the Singer’s Grammy win, a fan got Burna Boy’s face inked on his arm, complete with the singer’s shades and jewellery.

    The tattoo was accompanied by the inscription ‘grammy boy’ in celebration of the singer’s Grammy award win.

    The artist, on the other hand, appears to be unresponsive to his fans’ displays of affection.

    Naira Marley

    Naira Marley, the self-proclaimed president of the Marlian gang, is one of the rare celebrities who has been honoured by his supporters, with numerous ‘Marlians‘ flocking to tattoo parlours to have his name or image tattooed on their bodies. They frequently post pictures of their new tattoos on social media.

    To show his gratitude for their kindness, the Mafo singer frequently reposts their photos and expresses his gratitude.

    On Instagram, a woman named Mandykiss got the singer’s visage tattooed on her leg.

    Naira Marley saw the video and rewarded her by reposting it and following her on Instagram. The fan began to cry uncontrollably as a result of this.

    Another tattooed his face on her backside in celebration of the Singer’s birthday.

    Tiwa Savage

    Tiwa Savage is one of the few female artists to have fans get a tattoo in her honour. Earlier in the year, a fan took to social media displaying a tattoo of Tiwa Savage on her chest which drew her attention.

    Reacting to the love, Tiwa via her Instagram handle wrote: “Yo you burst my brain with this permanent love oh. I cannot get all the names of those that tattooed my name so I will just get a Savage soldier tattoo. I’m actually obsessed with my fans.”

    Another fan tattooed her face on her back, even posting a video of her during the process.

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