Nigerian artists Who Deserted Nigeria to Live Abroad

    Over the years, the Nigerian music industry has seen a lot of its artists deciding to take up residence abroad despite the popularity and fame they have achieved in the country.

    Nigerian artists Who Deserted Nigeria to Live Abroad
    Nigerian artists Who Deserted Nigeria to Live Abroad

    Mp3bullet.ng presents Nigerian artists Who Deserted Nigeria to Live Abroad.

    The migration of people from Nigeria has been happening long ago, with the country experiencing brain drain from different sectors of the nation.

    The Nigerian music industry is no exception but will come as a surprise to many as one would expect artists to leave in the country so as to seamlessly dish out their music.

    Here are the Nigerian artists who left the motherland to live abroad.


    Tekno - Enjoy Lyrics

    Tekno moved away from Nigeria a long time ago. Tekno, in a hilarious Instagram video discussing his decision, said:

    “Y’all already know I moved out of Nigeria since they called It UAR. I’m not from UAR or a supporter of that. I’m a Nigerian and I will only come back when the country becomes Nigeria again but for now I’m based in the United States”



    Nigerian Veteran rapper, Eldee, who is known for songs like Bosi Gbangba, Big Boy, Today Today, I Go Yarn, and others, moved away from Nigeria a long time ago.

    Eldee now lives in America.

    In 2021, fellow singer Simi tweeted saying, “I used to be so hopeful for Nigeria, but now, just driving on the streets gives me anxiety. Seeing police officers with guns gives me anxiety. Someone suddenly walking up to me gives me anxiety. Hate it here.”

    Eldee responded to the tweet saying:

    This is a major part of why I left. I was hopeful too, I love her still but I love my physical, social and mental health more. Tough decision but the best so far.



    Yung6ix is another Nigerian musician that has relocated to the United States. Yung6ix now resides in the United States and told his fans about being robbed while attempting to move into his new apartment overseas.

    He said:

    My car got robbed. Had my whole life in that car. My laptop with my new album and mixtape. about $5,000 – $7,000 cash, Black Magic 6k camera, 4 iPhones my ps5 and studio recording equipment while I was moving into my new apartment.


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    Samklef is another popular musician and producer who has opted to live outside of Nigeria. During his time in Nigeria he was popular in the music scene for producing hits songs for artists like Olamide, Wizkid, Simi, among others.

    Samklef now resides in the United States but still makes Afrobeats music from over there.



    The last artist on our list is Niyola. In an interview with Chude, the Toh Bad singer disclosed that she had left Nigeria quite some time ago. Niyola explained her desire to leave Nigeria for Los Angeles, California, in the following words:

    I moved to L.A. primarily because I was sick, I’m not gonna lie, I was sick of being here. I felt like there was a ceiling over my head. I can’t get past this space. Like how do you grow in a place where you haven’t even discovered a quarter of yourself but it’s too much. How do I find the best version of myself if I cannot even be the best of me yet? I felt that I needed to get out and be in an open space and fly free. And that’s why I left.

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