Nigerian Artists Advised To Quit “Bad lyrics”


artists have been advised to reduce their use of bad or rather inadequate lyrics.

Nigerian Artists Are Advised to quit bad lyrics

It is no new fact that music is one of the best ways to communicate and make an impact on people’s lives. Due to this fact, artists have been called to order.

During the course of the headies award, which took place on the 19th of this month, artists were  taken to school.

comedian Komone, popularly known as “Gordons” admonished these artists to tone down the rate of “Get rich or die messages” they sent with their songs.

He said that the of an artist’s furthers his career. He went on to buttress his point by talking about Popular artists like  Tuface Idibia aka 2baba. Who are still relevant in the music industry because of their rich lyrics.

Other personalities at the event also counseled artists to be creative and put in good that will take songs global.

Another popular artiste; Zakki Azzay also added to the issue

. He said;

music is already global as 50 percent of the music played outside the country are songs but we still need good to preach the right message. We also need the government to support the music industry with infrastructure and policies, which will put the music industry at par with standards,”

Thomas Amar-Aigbe, popularly known as DJ Sose, also said that Nigerian artistes should be careful not to lose focus while trying to follow the trend in the music industry.

His exact words were;

the of your songs should show the originality and passion in you. You can’t blow overnight, just stick to your style and you will get there.

Well, Nigerian artists, Yall heard! its time to go home and do your homework!!!.

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