Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne – Seeing Green Lyrics

    Famous Trinidadian-born rapper, singer-songwriter, Nicki Minaj comes through with the lyrics for her new song “Seeing Green” ft. Drake & Lil Wayne

    Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne - Seeing Green Lyrics
    Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne – Seeing Green Lyrics

    Sit back and enjoy Nicki Minaj “Seeing Green” lyrics, Drake & Lil Wayne

    Nicki Minaj, Drake & Lil Wayne – Seeing Green Lyrics

    Intro: Lil Wayne & Heather Headley
    Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    I’m smokin’ tarantula (Yeah)
    Bae gave it to me (Hmm)
    You dig? Yeah, hold up, hm

    Verse one: Lil Wayne
    I’ma pull up so lit, I just might crash, dawg
    Let me take this Balenciaga mask off to ask y’all, “Who asked y’all?”

    Cita told me to stomp my ass off, that’s all
    Bop-bop-bop-bop-bop, he was a good cat, my bad, dawg
    Don’t put no K after that B-Boy, “Bad kall,” that’s flag talk
    Fuck around and knock your flag off, I had to
    I wore a Gat’ before a tattoo, I had to
    As a matter of fact, I had two

    No cap, I’m on them capsules, I done relapsed, boo
    But I been on my feet since Cinderella lost her glass shoe
    The cash blue, but I’m still seein’ green
    I’m in the bathroom, and I’m peein’ lean

    My bitch a vacuum
    I told her, “Keep me clean,” the scene serene

    I’m a badonkadonk and bikini fiend
    I just need a queen that ain’t scared to fuck a Stephen King
    I used to live next door to Drake and Momma Dee
    And Lisa Dee on Eagle Street

    How I go from bars on the screen door to the TV screen?
    Don’t ask me, but never change the channel
    Gucci flannel, Gucci socks, Gucci sandals
    Gucci teddy bears, and pandas, not fake

    Propaganda ’bout to blow out the candle
    My lil’ ho out Atlanta, got a ho out Atlanta
    With a ho out Atlanta, she a ho out Atlanta
    We get it, it’s the same in each city

    My bitch dance better than P. Diddy’s
    And ever since the pandemic
    They don’t wanna let Drake out of Canada
    I been screamin’, “Free Drizzy”

    I know bae trust my vision but don’t want me to see prison
    Said, “I can’t make no promises, either leave or come visit
    But leave the keys to your heart next to your soul and your spirit”

    Some see graffiti as art, some could see hoes to be women
    But I’m the greediest shark amongst an ocean of killers
    I put you six feet deep, I’m bein’ socially distant
    Nina Ross on the hip, the .44 is my mistress
    Extra shots, extra clips, ain’t talkin’ videos nor vixens
    Just come and see about it, bitch

    Verse two: Nicki Minaj
    Ayo, I am the star in any room that I stand in
    I am the standout, you just my stand-in

    These bitches copy my homework, that’s what they hand in
    That’s why I’m private like the airports I land in
    Life is a beach house, don’t let the sand in
    I ball in any arena, go let the fans in

    I should go cop a new jersey, that’s word to Camden
    These bitches’ time tick-tockin’, better stick to dancin’
    I D&G the wallet, my money tall and brolic
    Big-ass backyards, just so Papa Bear can frolic
    One Margarita pizza with Parmesan and garlic
    These bitches thirsty, I can see why they alcoholics
    Ain’t gotta ever talk about it when you are about it
    Just bought a new car, not to drive it, but to walk around it
    Just call me “Nicki, cock the blicky,” the Minaj is silent
    Brand new vanilla Maserati, I been Häagen-Dazsin’
    He call me solid even though I’m drippin’, water diet
    Big booty stickin’ out, my Daisy Dukes’ll cause a riot
    These bitches still my sons, who could ever deny it?
    My packs hit different, who could ever supply it?
    No one bitch could be my opp, that shit offends me
    It’s corporate giants and machines that went against me

    I wash bitches, man, they couldn’t even rinse me
    She said she hot, I said, “Well, bitch, come and convince me”
    Ain’t no C in green, but I’m seein’ green
    Even with them floor seats, they couldn’t see the team
    The K-I-N-G, the G.O.A.T., plus me, the Queen
    I send shots, send ’em back or flee the scene

    Break: Drake
    You know, one of the perils of makin’ money is
    You can afford to be dramatic
    Y’all some drama queens, for real
    It’s all good, though
    You now tuned in to the biggest ever
    YMCMB, Tunechi Lee, Young Angel, Young Lion, man
    Y’all boys get on a track with Onika Maraj, and y’all still dyin’
    Man, what’s up? We in this bitch

    Verse three: Drake
    This ain’t gon’ be the first time that I do numbers on two crutches
    Seen more plaques than toothbrushes
    Until I’m at the pearly white gates
    , I gotta move somethin’, do somethin’
    All meetings happen in person, so they can’t prove nothin’
    Known her eight years and still fuck her like a new husband
    Tryna run a country like Putin one day, but who’s rushin’, who’s bluffin’? For real
    Who you huggin’, who you wanna be lovin’?
    I play forty-eight minutes on a torn meniscus, who’s subbin’?
    El Chico luxury, wanna see my niggas ball so bad, I started up a league
    Fuck with me, you niggas can’t trouble me from the Doubletree
    Step your suites up, I get Oliver to set the beats up
    2021, I had to wet the streets up
    Your girl was better in the mornin’ like a slice of pizza
    That’s when I had to hit her with the, “Nice to meet ya”
    You niggas think you doin’ damage, you just hypin’ me up
    Face who? I could see a wall of y’all, all of y’all and run straight through
    Trust, it’s all fun and games until I wanna play too
    Ayy, dios mío, the ice is frío on the Jesus, it’s bringin’ me closer to God
    I’m already close to the mob
    , I’m already known as the G.O.A.T
    Could try and get close, but you won’t, I already packed the garage
    None of these shits is a Dodge, none of this shit’s a facade
    None of this shit’s a mirage
    Thought I was seein’ things when I was seein’ green
    6 G-O-D, CMB, yes sir


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