Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” Dance To Overthrow Zlatan’s “Zanku”??

    Is Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” about to take over the Nigerian dance scene and push off Zlatan’s “Zanku” dance aka Legwork.

    Naira Marley's "Tesumole" Dance To Overthrow Zlatan's "Zanku"??
    Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” Dance To Overthrow Zlatan’s “Zanku”??

    Through the years, the Nigerian music scene has gone through several phases of adopting new dance steps as they come.

    According to research by us at “Mp3bullet.ng”, New artists come up and introduce good music, along with great dance steps to back it up.

    On the introduction of these new dances, we have no other choice to let go of the old ones we already know and follow the new trend. As the years go by, more and more thrilling and complicated steps emerge.

    Now, this brings us to a key subject of this article; Naira Marley’s new dance pattern; the “Tesuumole dance” taking over from the popular Zanku dance.

    However, before we talk about that, lets briefly go down memory lane to some famous dance steps that have come and gone.

    Popular Nigerian Dances of al time

    1. Galala.

    This dance was introduced by artists like by artistes like Daddy Showkey, Ras Kimono, Blacky, Fada U-Turn, etc.  It was associated with “the ghetto” and Ajegunle Lagos.

    2. Alanta.

    This was a very unique but crazy dance. It involved a crazy movement of the arms and legs in and crazy facial expressions and beating an imaginary drum on the stomach. Alanta was originated by a group called “Artquake“. and promoted by Terry G.

    3. Azonto.

    Azonto became popular in Nigeria after it’s release in 2011 by Ghanian singer Fuse ODG  ft Tifanny. It, however, gained more popularity and when Wizkid did a freestyle on it.

    4. Skelewu.

    Nigerian Afro-pop singer, Davido wowed everyone with his 2013 hit single; “Skelewu”, and followed it up with a beautiful dance step as reported by us at “Mp3bullet.ng”.

    5. Shoki.

    Shoki is one of Nigeria’s most controversial dance steps because about three acts claimed to be its originator. They are Dre San, Lil Kesh, and Orezi. Lil Kesh, however, promoted the dance most with the release of his 2014 hit; “Shoki”.

    6. Shakiti Bobo.

    This dance begins and ends with the popularly acclaimed King of the Streets; Olamide. In 2015, He released a massive banger.“Bobo”. The song, however, became very famous with the release of its visuals and the introduction of the Dance.

    7. Shaku Shaku.

    This is another controversial dance step that blew up towards the end of 2016.  “Mp3bullet.ng” reports that Songs like  “Legbegbe” were massive hits because of this dance step.

    All these dances were however pushed off the limelight by the emergence of one record-breaking dance step; “Zanku”.

    Zlatan’s “Zanku” dance (Legwork)

    Zlatan Ibile

    “Zanku” up until a few days ago was the main dance on the streets.

    It was introduced by Zlatan Ibile in late 2018 with his mega-hit; “Zanku”.  This dance involves a lot of  foot marches and karate-like jump kicks locally called “Gbe Bodi”

    Through the year, “Zanku” took over all danceable beats, and lit up the music videos of several jams.

    Naira Marley, however, took much shine from this dance with the introduction of “Tesumole”

    Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” Dance

    Naira Marley

    After dropping his explosive EP, the hitmaker” Dettied” our December with a new dance as reported by us aT “Mp3bullet.ng”.

    This new viral dance step was named after a track in the EP; “Tesumole”.

    Although many of his fans considered this dance complicated initially, many of them have adopted it, and are seriously jamming to it.

    Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” Dance To Overthrow Zlatan’s “Zanku”??

    Now aside from me, who else noticed the non-existence of videos showing people doing the Zanku dance these past few days??

    Yeah, that’s right, everybody is dancing Tesumole, Zanku is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

    Naira Marley is rounding up the year with Tesumole and will also kick start 2020 with it.

    Another thrilling thing about this dance is that it is not easily learned. Thus everybody has this passion that they must learn this new dance.

    Let’s not even talk about Naira Marley’s massive fan base. As of now, all Marlians are uploading videos of them doing this dance. It has become so publicized, just about two days after it’s release!!

    In fact, it’s no more a question, it’s a fact; Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” has overthrown Zanku!

    I rest my case!!!


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