Naira Marley’s EP: Another form of Bad Influence?

    Naira Marley set to release new EP, will there be a change, or will this serve as another form of bad influence?

    Naira Marley’s EP Another form of Bad Influence
    Naira Marley

    Just a few days ago, the popular controversial singer announced the release of his new EP.

    He also revealed that it would contain 5 to 6 tracks, and this has really got us Wondering what these tracks will be all about

    I mean, we all know what his other songs were about. If you don’t, sit tight and find out.

    Naira Marley; a bad influence

    Now if you can all recall, the early parts of this year, through to recent times, Naira Marley didn’t actually create a good image for himself.

    The singer was publicly labeled a bad influence on the society, and a nuisance at large.

    In a true sense, he was actually a bad influence.

    For instance, let’s take a good look at some of the songs he released; “Am I a Yahoo Boy?“, encourages internet fraud, “Soapy”, advises masturbation, “Puta”, and the rest of them.

    Unfortunately, these songs have nothing to give and a lot to take from us; Our morals

    Even outside of music, Marley displays a lifestyle that portrays an unacceptable and immoral lifestyle.

    He smokes and drinks Live, says all sorts of inappropriate things, and even post videos of him clubbing and dancing with naked women. Now, this is not exactly the characteristics of a good role model.

    The most appalling part of everything, was his large fan base, solid street credibility; talking about the enormous group of youth who call themselves Marlians.

    These Marlians tend to want to practice some of the immoral behaviors he teaches, just because they are his fans and love him a lot.

    All these incidents listed above left a good number of Nigerians no other option than to consider the music star a menace to the society and a bad influence at large.

    Naira Marley changed?

    There was however a kind of turning point when he put out a tweet on his twitter handle, directing it to all the people saying he was not a good role model to Nigerian youths

    He insisted that he was still working on himself and that he was a youth too, he further claimed that nobody cared to correct him, instead they judged and rained insults on him.

    This confession of his attracted mixed feelings from many people, and also led to the release of hit single; “Bad influence”.

    Following these sets of events, we noticed a slight difference in Naira Marley’s conduct, but we cannot conclude yet, whether he is really changed, or still remains the same.

    Naira Marley’s New EP

    Attention has, however, be drawn back to Naira Marley, ever since he announced his new forthcoming EP.

    We are left with no option than to ask ourselves; “What is this new EP going to be like??, is he going to change his style of music into educative and entertaining??, or is he going to jump right back at his immorality promotion vocation??”

    Well, we can’t say for sure which is going to happen.

    All we can do is hope he does the right thing

    The world would surely be a better place with a morally upright Naira Marley, and a nation full of faithful Marlians following his footsteps.

    Yet again, we look forward to this new EP!!!

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